Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OPI "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes"

Hey everyone!  As you may know that in the past week or two OPI's newest collection came out!  The collection is called Holland and as you can probably guess the colors represent how gorgeous Holland is in the springtime.  I am so excited about this collection!  I decided to purchase only two colors from the collection because OPI is pretty expensive.  Both of the colors I picked are subtle and more toward the neutral side.  However just because they are neutrals doesn’t mean they aren’t gorgeous!  The colors I got are “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes” and “Wooden Shoe Like to Know.”
Okay so this week I decided to use one of my new nail polishes!  I decided to wear “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes” because it is this dusty rose pink color.  First off I LOVE this color!  It is a nice, classy, sophisticated color that makes me feel so grown up!  It also has a shimmer too it as well.  The shimmer is more noticeable in the bottle then on my nails but it is still pretty.  As always it took two coats to get complete coverage.  The only thing I tried differently this time was the topcoat.

I got a really great recommendation from a friend at school who uses Orly’s “Sec’N Dry” polish as a topcoat.  My usual complaint when I do my nails is how long they take to dry and it doesn’t seem to matter how long you wait your nails still get smudged and ruined.  But with the Orly “Sec’N Dry” my nails were completely dry in about fifteen minutes.  Now I have read a lot of reviews online and many people complain it didn’t work for them.  What I did to achieve the best result was:
1.       Apply my normal clear Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “Invisible.”  I allowed it to dry for about ten minutes.
2.       Apply the first coat of color.  In this case OPI’s “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes.”  Then allow it to dry for about ten minutes.
3.       Repeat step two until you feel the polish is opaque.  Allow a ten minute wait between EACH coat.
4.       After letting the last coat of color sit for ten to fifteen minutes apply the “Sec’N Dry.”  Allow the “Sec’N Dry” to dry for about fifteen minutes.
Orly’s “Sec’ Dry” topcoat has worked so well for me!  I have been wearing the polish for about ten days now and I have had very minimal chipping and I had NO smudges at all.  After the product had been on for fifteen minutes I could get up and go and do whatever I needed to without having to worry about ruining the nail polish.
Thanks for reading my blog and sorry that I don't post very often!  Maybe one day I'll have enough time to post more often!