Sunday, May 31, 2015

OPI "On Pinks & Needles"

Hi everyone!  I can't believe May is almost over!  I'm very excited that Summer is really in full swing now, so to celebrate I decided to pull out a hot pink glitter!  So without further ado, today's nail polish is OPI's "On Pinks & Needles."

"On Pinks & Needles" is a neon hot pink multi-sized glitter polish!  (A mouthful I know!)  Formula wise this polish is fantastic!  I was worried that it would be difficult to apply because sometime glitters can be tricky, but I've never been so happy to be proven wrong!  Also where has neon glitter been my whole life?  It looks so amazing on nails and stands out really well!

Like with all glitter polishes I decided to try "On Pinks & Needles" out over a couple of different colored base nail polishes!  Here's how they turned out:

Since OPI's "On Pinks & Needles" is such a bright pink glitter I decided to try it out over Ciaté's "Strawberry Milkshake" which is a pastel baby pink.  This combo turned out really fun and girly and something I would definitely wear again!

Now I've had good luck with trying glitters over black nail polish so that's excitedly what I decided to do with OPI's "On Pinks & Needles."  The black nail polish I used is Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails in "Black Heart."  This combo is fun and the black really makes the neon pink glitter pop!

Overall I am loving OPI's "On Pinks & Needles"!  The neon glitter is gorgeous and super fun and the formula is a wonder to apply!  I definitely plan on wearing this nail polish over and over again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finger Paints "Dream I Can Fly"

Hi all!  I hope everyone is ready for the weekend!  The weather has been so nice with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, so I decided to keep that theme with today's polish.  Today's nail polish is Finger Paints' "Dream I Can Fly."

"Dream I Can Fly" is a gorgeous Carolina blue color (also known as sky blue if you aren't from North Carolina.)  Formula wise "Dream I Can Fly" is a bit thick and goopy but the polish still applied fair enough.  The main problem in applying "Dream I Can Fly" is that each coat of polish went on very thick.  So after one coat of "Dream I Can Fly" the polish was very thick but not completely opaque and after two coats of "Dream I Can Fly" the polish was too thick on my nail but was completely opaque.  However after two coats of nail polish there were no visible streak marks.  I managed to wear "Dream I Can Fly" for two and a half days before the polish started to smudge and chip off.

Overall I am slightly bummed by Finger Paints' "Dream I Can Fly" because it was so difficult to apply and it chipped very quickly.  I do however love the color of this polish!  In the end I will probably give this polish another try and maybe next time it'll be easier to apply, practice makes perfect right?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sinful Colors "Under 18"

Hi all!  With all the sunshine lately it was time for a bright red polish!  Today's nail polish is Sinful Colors' "Under 18."

"Under 18" is a beautiful bright red nail polish with red and gold micro-glitter mixed in.  Formula wise "Under 18" was very easy to apply and opaque after only one coat of polish!  (However I applied two coats just to be sure.)  Since "Under 18" has micro-glitter in it there were some minor streak marks that were visible but only when you looked very closely.  As for chipping I was able to wear "Under 18" for about two days before the were obvious tip chips, which always seem to be extra obvious with red nail polish.

Overall I really like Sinful Colors' "Under 18."  The color is fantastic, the formula was so easy to apply and it was a one-coater!  The only thing I didn't like about this nail polish was how quickly it chipped, but considering that it is easy to apply and only needs one coat of polish I will definitely be rocking "Under 18" again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Galaxy Green"

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone in the US is enjoying their three day weekend for Memorial Day!  Since I had some free time I decided to pull out a glitter nail polish!  Today's nail polish is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Galaxy Green"

"Galaxy Green" is a green flakie/glitter nail polish which means it isn't meant to be worn by itself so I decided to also test it out over a few different colored nail polishes.  But first the formula of "Galaxy Green" is quite nice and it applied very easily and the flakies spread out evenly.  Because this polish is a flakie it was not meant to be opaque however it also never has any visible streak marks.

The first nail polish I decided to try underneath "Galaxy Green" is Julie G's "Holla-Peño."  This look is actually nice and understated but the shimmery effect of "Galaxy Green" was very visible in the light.  (Though it didn't photograph very well.)  I very much liked this combination and would wear it again!

The second nail polish I decided to try underneath "Galaxy Green" is China Glaze's "Cons-ULTA My Manicurist" which is a sky blue creme.  I really loved this combination because it looked like sunlight bouncing off of water, which reminds me of the ocean!  This was easily my favorite out of all the combinations I tried!

The third, and final, nail polish I decided to try underneath "Galaxy Green" is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails' "Black Heart."  This combination looks like outer space and shows off the green flakies!  It is very pretty!

Overall I really like Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Galaxy Green" and how fantastic it looks over a variety of different base colors!  "Galaxy Green" is a fun topcoat and I'll be rocking these combos again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

FLOWER "Aster Place"

Hi everyone!  Today's nail polish is FLOWER's "Aster Place."  FLOWER is actress Drew Barrymore's make-up company and I find their products to be very affordable.  The nail polish costs around $5 USD a bottle.

"Aster Place" is a very pretty berry colored nail polish.  Formula wise "Aster Place" was super easy to apply and was completely opaque after two coats.  There were also no visible streak marks and upon removing "Aster Place" there were no stains left on my nails (which often happens to me with darker colored polishes!)  As for chipping "Aster Place" lasted about three days before there were noticeable tip chips.

Overall I am pleased with FLOWER's "Aster Place."  Everything about this polish is good and the color is lovely.  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again, especially this Autumn because it is more of an Autumn color!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Deborah Lippmann "Luftballons"

Hi all!  Today's nail polish is Deborah Lippmann's "Luftballons."  I received "Luftballons" as a mini-bottle from Sephora through their V.I.B. Insider reward program.  (V.I.B. stands for Very Important Beauty Insider.)  The V.I.B. program is great because you earn points for buying items at Sephora and then you can use the points to get free sample sized items.

"Luftballons" is a very unique and pretty nail polish.  It features a red jelly base with rainbow colored glitter in various sizes all mixed together.  Formula wise "Luftballons" was very easy to apply and it was no work at all to spread the glitter out in an even coat.  After two coats the nail polish was not opaque but a jelly polish never is.  However after two coats of polish "Luftballons" looked pretty on my nails.  As for chipping "Luftballons" lasted about three days before the nail polish began to flake off.  The polish seemed to flake easily because even with a top coat the glitter caught on just about anything with fabric on it.  In terms of removing "Luftballons" I was surprised how quick and easy it was because glitter has a knack for sticking.

Overall Deborah Lippmann's "Luftballons" is a fun nail polish!  I love how unique the color and glitter is and I don't have anything similar to it in my entire collection!  It is also nice that "Luftballons" has a good formula, was easy to apply, look nice after two coats of polish, lasted a decent amount of time before chipping, and was easy to remove!  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beautifully Disney "Provincal Mademoiselle"

Hi everyone!  Today's polish is Beautifully Disney's "Provencal Mademoiselle."  Beautifully Disney is Disney World's nail polish and they are sold in full sized bottles and in minis sold as sets of four.  "Provencal Mademoiselle" is part of the Unlock The Spell set which looks like this:

"Provencal Mademoiselle" is a lovely, summery yellow nail polish that represents Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Formula wise "Provencal Mademoiselle" was fair.  It was easy to apply but as definitely not opaque after two coats of polish.  Also there were a lot of visible streak marks.  As for chipping I was only able to wear "Provencal Mademoiselle" for one day before there were several noticeable chips.

Overall I am somewhat disappointed by Beautifully Disney's "Provencal Mademoiselle."  While this polish has a pretty color and was easy to apply, it lacked in all other areas.  I wish that I had been able to get a more opaque finished look and that the polish hadn't chipped so quickly.  Because the color is so pretty I am willing to give this polish a second try but I wouldn't necessarily recommend running over to Disney's website and buying it.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Formula X "Starfish"

Hi guys!  Today's nail polish is Formula X's "Starfish."  Formula X is Sephora's brand of nail polish that replaced Sephora's previous line by OPI.

"Starfish" is a gorgeous baby pink shimmery nail polish.  What makes this nail polish extra special is that the glittery shimmer dries as a matte!  It looks like this:

As for the formula, "Starfish" was very easy to apply however it was not completely opaque after two coats of polish.  Luckily because of all they shimmer and glitter there were no visible streak marks.  Now while "Starfish" was not completely opaque it looked so lovely with the shimmer that you really didn't notice that you could see the half-moon under the polish.  (You would have to look very closely!)  In terms of chipping I was able to wear "Starfish" for around four or five days before I noticed any chips!

Overall I am very pleased with Formula X's "Starfish."  This nail polish has a wonderful formula, was easy to apply, looked great on my nails, and lasted quite a long time before chipping!  I will definitely wear "Starfish" again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Dupe Post: Nails INC "Brighton" versus Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat "Fuzz-Sea"

Hi everyone!  It has been a couple months since I have done a dupe post so today I'll be comparing Nails INC's "Brighton" and Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea."  Here's how they look side by side in the bottles:

Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea" and Nails INC's "Brighton"

As you can tell from the bottles they are identical.  Both nail polishes are texturized and meant to look feathery, a look which is created by pieces of bar glitter.  Formula wise both were easy to apply however Sally Hansen's "Fuzz-Sea" was slightly watery.  After two coats of nail polish neither polish was opaque but that is fine since it isn't meant to be.

I suppose the main difference between these two nail polishes is the price!  Nails INC's "Brighton" costs around $10-412 a bottle while Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea" costs around $5 a bottle.

Overall I don't have a favorite between these two polishes.  Both are easy to apply and look nice on the nail.  In the end I would probably go with Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat's "Fuzz-Sea" simple because the price is better.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "You're Crabby"

Hi all!  It's hard to believe we are almost halfway through May!!  (Where did the time go?)  Today's nail polish is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "You're Crabby."

"You're Crabby" is a dusty pastel pink polish. Formula wise this polish was a tiny bit watery, but was still relatively easy to apply.  After two coats "You're Crabby" was completely opaque and had no visible streak marks.  As for chipping "You're Crabby" lasted about three days before the tip chips started.

Overall I like Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear's "You're Crabby."  I love the pretty color and that it was opaque after two coats of polish.  It would have been nice if I had been able to wear "You're Crabby" for a little bit longer, but three days is still a decent amount of time.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

OPI's "Oy-Another Polish Joke"

Hi everyone and happy Monday!  Even though Monday's aren't always the greatest I decided to brighten up with a glittery polish!  Today's nail polish is OPI's "Oy-Another Polish Joke."

"Oy-Another Polish Joke" is a fun and bright gold micro-glitter nail polish.  The formula of this polish is surprisingly nice and easy to apply for a super glittery polish.  After two coats of polish "Oy-Another Polish Joke" was not completely opaque but from a distance it was impossible to tell.  As for chipping "Oy-Another Polish Joke" lasted bout two and a half days before the tip chips started.

Overall I am very pleased with OPI's "Oy-Another Polish Joke."  This nail polish has a great formula, was easy to apply, and looked lovely on my nail.  I will definitely be wearing this polish more often!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zoya "Monet"

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!  (Don't forget that Mother's Day is tomorrow if you live in the United States!!)  Today's nail polish is Zoya's "Monet"

"Monet" is a glittery nail polish in a clear base.  The glitter has the appearance of a flakie because the light bounces off the glitter and creates a variety of color.  Formula wise "Monet" was difficult to apply.  The glitter did not want to stay on my nail and the clear base was a bit watery.  However with a little practice and patience I was able to get glitter on my nails.  "Monet" is made to be a top coat and not worn on its own.  As for chipping that varies based on what base polish you wear.  I decided to test "Monet" out over a few nail polishes:

First I decided to try Zoya's "Monet" over Salon Perfect's "Sugar Cube."  The picture doesn't do this look justice.  In real life the glitter creates a fun glittery look that is only noticeable is the right light.  The picture makes it looks weird and speckled.  However you can see how many different colors the glitter reflects!  This picture also shows how difficult it is to get an even coat of "Monet" on the nail.

If you want more info on "Sugar Cube" here's a post from earlier this month:

Next I decided to try Zoya's "Monet" over Sally Hansen's Triple Shine's "Pink Coconut."  This combination turned out to be my favorite of the three I tried!  The pink base and the flakie shimmer of "Monet" created a fun girly look!  (Also my apologies for the blurry photo but after over fifty attempts this was the best I could get!)

The third and final polish I tried with Zoya's "Monet" was Finger Paint's "Dream I Can Fly."  This combination reminds me of Cinderella's dress!  The flakies reflected a lot of silver in this combo which was very pretty!  Again my apologies for the blurry photo as it turns out "Monet" just isn't a fan of cooperating with the camera!

Overall I am quite pleased with Zoya's "Monet."  While it was a bit difficult to apply I did get better at it over time and "Monet" seems to look very pretty over a variety of creme polishes!  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Harry Potter Nail Art!

Hi everyone!  So last October I had the fortune of going to Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, which is where the Harry Potter theme park is at, and I could not resist doing some nail art for the occasion!  (Please forgive my blurry photo but the hotel had horrible lighting!)  The author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling, has an interactive website called Pottermore and as part of the interactive fun on the site you can take a test and be sorted into one of the houses.  There are four houses and each house has a color that makes it easy to figure out which house a person is in.  Now I took the test and got sorted into Slytherin, which anybody that has read the books and/or seen the movies know is the house where just about every bad guy in the series comes from.  But I'm not upset because Slytherin's house color is green with an accent of silver and I love those colors together!  I dug through my nail polish collection and pulled out a green polish and a silver polish and here they are:

OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Celeb City."

The green polish is OPI's "Jade Is The New Black" and the solver is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Celeb City."  I knew right away that I wanted to do the accent nail in silver and the rest in green, so after applying a base coat I applied two coats of color on each nail and then a quick drying top coat that way there would be no smudging when I did the nail art.  After that I decided to put a big letter "S" on top of the accent nail, with the "S" standing for Slytherin.  Once that was done I looked at my nails and decided it was missing something, and that something was polka dots.  With a green "S" on my silver accent nail I decided to put silver polka dots on my green nails.  For both the polka dots and the "S" I used different sized dotting tool from this set:

Similar dotting tools can be found on Amazon by searching "Dotting tools" in Beauty.

After all the nail art was added to my nails I added another coat of a quick drying top coat polish.

Overall I am very pleased with how this nail art turned out and I received several compliments about them while I was at the parks.  This nail art could easily be tweaked to represent any of the four houses in the Harry Potter books or for that matter you could use this for school spirit day.  Al you would need to do is select the right house or school colors and change the letter to the first letter of the house or school.

This nail art is fun and simple and I will definitely be tweaking it for other events in the future!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

China Glaze "Seas The Day"

Hi everyone!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  To celebrate Cinco de Mayo I decided to wear a super bright polish!  Today's nail polish is China Glaze's "Seas The Day."

First of all I love how this nail polish's name is a play on words!  (Way to go nail polish namers!) "Seas The Day" is a gorgeous hot pink polish that screams Summer!  Formula wise this polish is very watery, which is very uncommon for a China Glaze nail polish.  I did find that if you wiped almost all of nail polish off the brush it was easier to apply.  After two coats of polish "Seas The Day" was completely opaque and had no visible streak marks.  As for chipping "Seas The Day" lasted about five full days before there was any noticeable chipping.

Side note: I often wear China Glaze's "Seas The Day" on my toes and it typically lasts almost two weeks before it begins to chip.

Overall I like China Glaze's "Seas The Day."  Everything about this polish except the formula is fantastic!  The watery formula does make it harder to apply but with practice it does get a little easier. I will definitely continue to wear this nail polish, particularly on my toes, because the color is bright and fun!

Thanks for reading my blog and happy Cinco de Mayo!  :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nails INC "Prince's Garden"

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Sunday!  I had picked this nail polish out a few weeks ago to prepare to celebrate the new royal baby, I guessed Prince, but instead it is a Princess.  But regardless I am thrilled about a new royal baby so to celebrate, today's nail polish is Nails INC's "Prince's Garden."

"Prince's Garden" is part of Nails INC's Special Effect collection and is a multi-sized glitter polish,  There is very fine glitter in white and larger glitter pieces in lime green, white, silver, and sky blue.  It is very pretty and was surprisingly easy to apply.  I decided to test "Prince's Garden" on a couple of creme polishes.

The first combination I tried was "Prince's Garden" over Ciaté's "Sugar Plum."  The combination of pastel colors screams Spring and looked great on my nails!

If you want more information on Ciaté's "Sugar Plum" here's a post from March:

The second combination I tried was "Prince's Garden" over Julep's "Bess."  With the sky blue background it made it difficult to see the blue glitter, which really took away from how pretty "Prince's Garden" is.

The third and final combination I tried was "Prince's Garden" over Nicole by OPI's "Live In The Momentum."  The dark blue base color made the glitter pop and it was super pretty!  This was my all time favorite of the combinations I tried.

Overall I really like Nails INC's "Prince's Garden."  The formula is nice and easy to apply and it looks great on a variety of different colored nail polishes!  "Prince's Garden" will definitely

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Salon Perfect "Sugar Cube"

Hi guys!  Happy May!  I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by!  Today's nail polish is Salon Perfect's "Sugar Cube."

"Sugar Cube" is a regular creme white nail polish.  The formula of "Sugar Cube" was decent, however slightly on the watery side.  After two coats of polish "Sugar Cube" was almost entirely opaque but did have some uneven spots and streak marks.  In terms of chipping "Sugar Cube" didn't last very long because the uneven coats of nail polish flaked off in chunks.

Overall Salon Perfect's "Sugar Cube" is okay.  The formula is a bit watery, and it wasn't completely opaque after two coats, and it chipped very quickly.  While I most likely not wear "Sugar Cube" alone it would probably work well as the base for a neon polish.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)