Friday, January 31, 2014

Sinful Colors "Gorgeous"


Hi everyone!  I can't believe January is almost over!  Now that February is on its way I am already starting to think about Spring and Summer!  I am so over the cold weather and ready for some sunshine!  But since it is still Winter here I decided to bring Summer to me by trying out a super pretty blue nail polish that reminds me of the ocean!  The polish is Sinful Colors "Gorgeous."

"Gorgeous" is a super pretty blue color with a lot of yellow and green shimmer in it!  The formula was pretty good, but the shimmer made it difficult to get streak-free nails.  But "Gorgeous" was completely opaque after two coats and the streaks were only noticeable if you looked really closely. As for chipping Sinful Colors "Gorgeous" only lasted about two days before the tip chips started, however I was able to wear it for a third day before my nails started to look super bad.  As for removing this polish the shimmer did want to stick to my nails some but it did come off pretty easily and my nails had no stains from the blue polish.

Overall Sinful Colors "Gorgeous" is a nice nail polish!  The color is fantastic and the formula is nice and even though it had some streaking issues and chipped fairly quickly I wasn't too disappointed because I got the nail polish on sale for 99 cents (USD) which is an amazing deal!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

China Glaze "Mahogany Magic"


Hi guys!  So after getting snow last week I went to sunny Florida for the weekend and had a great time enjoying the warm weather, and I decided that this week I would wear a brown nail polish.  I like brown polishes because they are not your typical Winter color but they go really well (and often remind me of hot chocolate!)  So the brown polish I decided to wear is China Glaze's "Mahogany Magic."  Now "Mahogany Magic" was one of the polishes from the Spring 2012 Capitol Colours Collection which went with the movie The Hunger Games and I have been holding onto this polish for a while because I love the name!  However this polish, as well as the others from the collection, may be a bit difficult to find now that it has been about two years since the collection launched.

China Glaze's "Mahogany Magic" is a wood colored brown nail polish, and in the bottle it kind of reminds me of the brown paint I used in grade school!  Formula wise "Mahogany Magic" is fantastic and after two coats of polish was completely opaque and streak free!  As for chipping I wasn't able to wear this polish long enough to find out because I am klutzy and managed to destroy it in a matter of hours.  (Patience and sitting still while polish dries isn't always my strong suit.)

Overall I love China Glaze's "Mahogany Magic" the color is great and so is the formula!  And it is awesome when two coats of polish is all that you need for completely covered nails!  I wish I could have worn this polish longer but I definitely plan on redoing my nails in "Mahogany Magic" soon!!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

New York Color "Lexington Lilac"


Hi everyone!  So I know Spring is a long way off  (especially since it snowed this week!) but I couldn't resist trying out New York Color's "Lexington Lilac" polish, which is of course a super pretty dusty lilac purple color.  And I figure since it isn't a true pastel, I can get away with wearing it in the middle of January!

New York Color polishes cost 93 cents (USD) at the local Wal-Mart and for that price I can't resist buying them!  Formula wise "Lexington Lilac" is good.  It went on easily and was nearly completely opaque after two coats, though there was some very minor streaks.  However "Lexington Lilac" did not want to dry quickly, even with a topcoat and as a result I had a lot of smudges and nicks before I could even snap pictures!  And while that was disappointing the chipping only added to it when I started to see chips on day two I wasn't surprised.

Overall New York Color's "Lexington Lilac" is a very pretty color and a nice formula but the smudging and chipping was a bit disappointing.  But for 93 cents a bottle I can only expect so much and I am willing to give "Lexington Lilac" another try!

And for fun here's some Southern snow:  (And yes it did shut down practically everything for two days!)

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"


Hi everyone!  Hope everyone is still enjoying the new year!  Since it is still Winter and the days are short, dark and dull I decided to pull out a nail polish that reminds me of that feeling.  So I dug out Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear nail polish in "Wet Cement."

Sally Hansen's "Wet Cement" is a light grey/gray colored nail polish that really does look like freshly poured cement.  It is such a wintery colored nail polish and I wear it nearly every Winter.  In terms of formula "Wet Cement" is a bit watery and I ended up with some streaks on my nails.  But "Wet Cement" was almost completely opaque after two coats which is nice.  I had a bit of trouble with the sides of my nails, but it wasn't too noticeable unless I looked closely.  As for chipping "Wet Cement" lasted about five days before I saw some very minor tip chips.  I probably could have worn this polish longer but my nails had grown and a gap between the polish and my nail bed started forming, so I decided to remove the polish.  As for removing Sally Hansen's "Wet Cement" it came off my nails easily and left no stains!

Overall I love Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Wet Cement"!  It is a very pretty wintery grey color and lasts a long time before chipping!  Even though the formula is a tad watery and there was some streaking I bet that with a little practice and patience that could be avoided.  I definitely love this nail polish and plan to wear it a lot more!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OPI "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ"


Hi all!  I can hardly believe that January is halfway over!  I am starting to look forward to Spring!  However we still have a bit more Winter left.  So this week I decided to try out a classic OPI nail polish that I have heard lots of great things about over the years and that polish is OPI's "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ."

OPI's "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" is a gorgeous deep red/burgundy color and could be considered an oxblood color.  Formula wise "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" was fair, but a bit toward the watery side.  I had some difficulty controlling the nail polish from running all over.  And after two coats my nails had some noticeable streaking and was not completely opaque.  As for chipping it started on the second day, which was disappointing.  I usually expect an OPI nail polish to last a few days and when it doesn't it makes me sad.  In terms of removing "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" it came off easily and didn't stain my nails, so that was a plus.

Overall while I was thrilled to try this very popular OPI nail polish I guess I let my excitement build up my expectations because I was definitely disappointed with "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ."  The formula was a bit watery, the polish had streaks and was not opaque on my nails, and it chipped very quickly.  The color is nice though and great for fall so I might wear this nail polish again, but not very often.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Essie "No More Film"


Hi guys!  Winter is now in full swing and I am already looking forward to Springtime!  But for now it is dark and cloudy days!  However one of the nice things about Winter is that I can wear lovely darker colored nail polishes!  This week I decided to try out Essie's "No More Film" which is a super pretty deep purple blue color!

So Essie's "No More Film" like I said is a deep purple blue nail polish and it is a creme nail polish so it has no glitter or shimmer.  Formula wise "No More Film" surprised me by being fantastic!  I usually have bad luck with Essie polishes being watery but not this time!  I was able to easily control the formula and it didn't run all over my fingers!  Essie's "No More Film" was almost opaque after the first coat of nail polish but I applied a second coat anyway.  And after the second coat the polish was completely opaque and there were no streaks at all!  When I did my touch ups I was worried that such a dark nail polish color might stain my skin and nails but I was pleasantly surprised when that was not the case!  No blue stained skin or nails for me!  As for chipping it started on the second day with some minor tip chips.  But by the end of day three the chips got worse and one of my nails got all scratched up and had weird ridges in it.

Overall Essie's "No More Film" is a good nail polish.  The formula is fantastic and the purply-blue color is super pretty!  I was also pleased that "No More Film" did not stain my skin or nails.  The only thing I wish was different was how quickly the polish chipped.  Three days is okay but I would have loved to have worn it longer.  However overall I really like Essie's "No More Film" and plan on wearing it again soon!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nails INC "Lower Regent Street"


Hi guys!  I hope everyone is staying warm!  Here in the South it feels like we are living in Antarctica!  This week I decided to wear Nails INC's "Lower Regent Street" which is a fun hot pink!  I've been wearing a lot of Wintery colors lately and I decided to brighten up my Winter this week!  (I am already looking forward to Spring!)  So "Lower Regent Street" is a full-sized bottle of Nails INC which I purchased in a set called: The London Collection.  Here's what the whole collection looks like:


Nails INC's "Lower Regent Street" is one of my new favorite nail polishes because it could be a one coat nail polish!  The formula is so fantastic on this nail polish that even though it was a hot pink I had amazing control!  I was able to put "Lower Regent Street" on and after one coat my nails were completely opaque and there was no streaking at all!  Now for the picture above I used two coats because that's what I always do.  As for chipping "Lower Regent Street" lasted about four days before the chipping started, and it was mostly tip chips.  In the end I wore "Lower Regent Street" for eight days before taking it off, and I only took it off because I wanted to wear a different polish!  I am very happy with how long this nail polish lasted!

Overall I love Nails INC's "Lower Regent Street"!  The color is super pretty and the formula is awesome and this polish can be worn as a one coater!  Also I was thrilled by how well "Lower Regent Street" held up and how minor the chips were after eight days!  I actually have no complaints about this nail polish!  I plan on wearing it over and over again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Deborah Lippmann "Cleopatra in New York"

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying 2014 so far!  To start off the new year I wanted to try a festive nail polish.  So I dug through my collection and came up with Deborah Lippmann's "Cleopatra in New York" which is a gorgeous black nail polish with huge gold glitter chunks in various sizes.

I tend to avoid black nail polishes in favor of brighter polishes but I could not resist the gorgeousness of "Cleopatra in New York"!  Formula wise it is very unique and for the most part it works for this nail polish.  The black base is a jelly, so it is meant to be a little see-through, but then you get the gorgeous multi-layered glitter effect.  However the glitter was a bit difficult to handle, but with a little practice he glitter went on fine.  I usually wear two coats of color, but for "Cleopatra in New York" it wasn't opaque after two coats so I decided to do a third.  I think the third coat was a good idea and made my nails look better!  As for chipping I was surprised how well this polish lasted, considering that most chunky glitters fall off pretty quickly.  Deborah Lippmann's "Cleopatra in New York" lasted about four or five days before it started to chip and fall off in big chunks, which was very impressive!  Unfortunately removing "Cleopatra in New York" was awful!  Most chunky glitter polishes are a bit difficult to remove and not surprisingly "Cleopatra in New York" took me an hour to get it all off!

Overall Deborah Lippmann's "Cleopatra in New York" is a great nail polish!  The color is so unique and fantastic!  I don't have another polish in my collection anywhere close to "Cleopatra in New York'!  The formula is good and even though it needed three coats to be opaque the way it looks is well worth that extra coat and it lasted four to five days before chipping at all which is very impressive for a chunky glitter!  Literally the only downsides of this nail polish is that Deborah Lippmann charges $18 a bottle and it took me an hour to remove this nail polish!  Despite the difficult removal I am definitely willing to wear Deborah Lippmann's "Cleopatra in New York" over and over again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)  And Happy 2014!