Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"


Hi everyone!  Hope everyone is still enjoying the new year!  Since it is still Winter and the days are short, dark and dull I decided to pull out a nail polish that reminds me of that feeling.  So I dug out Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear nail polish in "Wet Cement."

Sally Hansen's "Wet Cement" is a light grey/gray colored nail polish that really does look like freshly poured cement.  It is such a wintery colored nail polish and I wear it nearly every Winter.  In terms of formula "Wet Cement" is a bit watery and I ended up with some streaks on my nails.  But "Wet Cement" was almost completely opaque after two coats which is nice.  I had a bit of trouble with the sides of my nails, but it wasn't too noticeable unless I looked closely.  As for chipping "Wet Cement" lasted about five days before I saw some very minor tip chips.  I probably could have worn this polish longer but my nails had grown and a gap between the polish and my nail bed started forming, so I decided to remove the polish.  As for removing Sally Hansen's "Wet Cement" it came off my nails easily and left no stains!

Overall I love Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Wet Cement"!  It is a very pretty wintery grey color and lasts a long time before chipping!  Even though the formula is a tad watery and there was some streaking I bet that with a little practice and patience that could be avoided.  I definitely love this nail polish and plan to wear it a lot more!

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