Monday, January 27, 2014

China Glaze "Mahogany Magic"


Hi guys!  So after getting snow last week I went to sunny Florida for the weekend and had a great time enjoying the warm weather, and I decided that this week I would wear a brown nail polish.  I like brown polishes because they are not your typical Winter color but they go really well (and often remind me of hot chocolate!)  So the brown polish I decided to wear is China Glaze's "Mahogany Magic."  Now "Mahogany Magic" was one of the polishes from the Spring 2012 Capitol Colours Collection which went with the movie The Hunger Games and I have been holding onto this polish for a while because I love the name!  However this polish, as well as the others from the collection, may be a bit difficult to find now that it has been about two years since the collection launched.

China Glaze's "Mahogany Magic" is a wood colored brown nail polish, and in the bottle it kind of reminds me of the brown paint I used in grade school!  Formula wise "Mahogany Magic" is fantastic and after two coats of polish was completely opaque and streak free!  As for chipping I wasn't able to wear this polish long enough to find out because I am klutzy and managed to destroy it in a matter of hours.  (Patience and sitting still while polish dries isn't always my strong suit.)

Overall I love China Glaze's "Mahogany Magic" the color is great and so is the formula!  And it is awesome when two coats of polish is all that you need for completely covered nails!  I wish I could have worn this polish longer but I definitely plan on redoing my nails in "Mahogany Magic" soon!!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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