Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OPI "Skip the Gift Wrap"

Hi everyone!  It is the end of November and I can hardly believe that 2013 is starting to wrap up!  Now we just have Thanksgiving later this week (if you are American) and then Christmas and before you know it we'll be saying "Hello 2014!"  This week I decided to try out a pretty Christmas-y green polish by OPI called "Skip the Gift Wrap."  Can you tell I am excited for Christmas??  :)

OPI's "Skip the Gift Wrap" was part of a special collection for Christmas 2012 that was only at ULTA stores.    I decided to get this nail polish because the name is cute and I don't own too many dark green nail polishes.  Formula wise "Skip the Gift Wrap" is somewhat watery and a bit difficult to control.  I tend to find that OPI polishes have good brushes but since "Skip the Gift Wrap" is watery the OPI brush was unhelpful.  After two coats "Skip the Gift Wrap" was not opaque on most of my nails and there were streaks all over the place!  As for chipping I don't know how long "Skip the Gift Wrap" might last because it looked awful on my nails and started chipping almost instantly!

Overall the color of OPI's "Skip the Gift Wrap" was prettier in the bottle than on my nail, the formula was watery and hard to manage, and bad formula left lots of streaks all over my nails!  My nails looked so awful that I actually couldn't wear this polish anywhere and it only stayed on my nails for a couple of hours.  In the end I probably won't be wearing OPI's "Skip the Gift Wrap" again anytime soon.

Thanks for reading my blog!  And Happy Thanksgiving America!  :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sinful Colors "Paris"

Hi everyone!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here!  The year really is flying by!  So this week I decided to try out a major glitter this week to celebrate the holiday season!  I picked out a golden glitter by Sinful Colors called "Paris."  I originally purchased this color because I love the city of Paris and the gold glitter in the polish reminds me of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night!

Sinful Colors "Paris" is a true glitter polish and it probably wasn't meant to really be worn on its own.  The picture above shows my nails after three coats of polish.  The formula of "Paris" was nice and easy to apply to my nails however it definitely isn't opaque.  (If you look carefully you can see the line on the tips of my nails.)  But while this nail polish wasn't completely opaque it is shiny enough that you might could get away without a nail polish underneath, or search for a similar color to blend in as a base coat color.  I tested "Paris" on top of a super pretty purple polish from New York Color called "Lexington Lilac" and it turned out to be gorgeous!  Check it out:

Sinful Colors "Paris" over New York Color "Lexington Lilac."

As for chipping I'm not actually sure because I didn't wear it long enough to find out.  "Paris" is a nail polish that I would wear to a party and not on a regular day.  As for removal it did take a little bit of work but overall it came off in less than 15 minutes which is pretty good for a glitter polish!

Overall I am very pleased with Sinful Color's "Paris" because the color is gorgeous and glitter nail polishes are always a fun way to perk up a holiday or party!  And it is great that "Paris" has a clear base polish so you can wear it nicely over colored nails!  I definitely plan on breaking out "Paris" over and over again because the color is so pretty and glitter polish is always fun!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you live in the United States!)  :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Covergirl "Pyro Pink"

Hi everyone!  So with the premiere of  Catching Fire this coming weekend I decided to try out one of Covergirl's new line of products, which are themed from the districts.  (And if you haven't read the books or seen the first movie all you really need to know is that Covergirl has a special beauty line to go with the new film Catching Fire.)  I purchased all nine of the nail polishes from the line but I am just now getting around to trying them out!  This week I decided to wear Covergirl's "Pyro Pink."

"Pyro Pink" is a purple and pink glitter polish.  It is very shimmery and shiny and it looks really neat on my nails!  The formula is okay but I had a hard time getting good brush strokes and the tips of my nails did not get covered as well as I would have liked.  After two coats of polish "Pyro Pink" was not completely opaque and while it left no streak marks it was a bit see-through on my nails.  As for chipping it started on day one with a few small chips and it only got worse from there.  By the end of day one "Pyro Pink" was chipped beyond repair and I removed the polish.  When it came time to remove this nail polish it was a nightmare!  With all the glitter it did not want to come off and especially stuck to my skin!  I spent quite some time trying to pry it off!

Overall while I love the color of Covergirl's "Pyro Pink" I was majorly disappointed by how quickly the polish chipped and that it wasn't completely opaque on my nails.  I am willing to wear "Pyro Pink" again and maybe next time it'll last longer for me!  I also hope that "Pyro Pink" does not set the tone for the other eight polishes in this collection!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

China Glaze "Fast Track"

Hi guys!  So for the last few weeks I have been wearing darker Autumn/Winter colored nail polish so I decided I wanted to mix it up and try a lighter color.  I struggled with what a lighter color that still fits in the Autumn/Winter palette might be until I thought of beiges.  Beige is a wonderful color that can fit into every season if it is done right.  I finally settled on China Glaze's "Fast Track" which is a slightly darker beige full of gold glitter, and it just felt Autumn-like.  "Fast Track" is part of the Spring 2012 Capitol Colours Collection, which is the collection of the movie The Hunger Games.  For those of you who care "Fast Track" is the nail polish for District 6, the Transportation district.

I really love the way "Fast Track" looks in the bottle but until I actually got it on my nails I was a bit worried how it would look on me.  I haven't had much luck with beige/peach colored polish before.  However I think "Fast Track" looks very nice with my skin tone!  Formula wise "Fast Track" is wonderful!  It is just right not watery or thick and very easy to apply to my nails.  After two coats of polish there were no streaks and the polish was opaque.  As for chipping, aside from accidentally smudging one of my nails while it was drying, "Fast Track" lasted four days before it started chipping.

Overall I am very pleased with China Glaze's "Fast Track."  The beige with gold glitter is such a pretty combination, the formula is fantastic and it was nice to be able to wear a nail polish for more than one day for a change!  I am definitely still a fan of China Glaze nail polish!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nails INC "Upper Brook Street"

Hi everyone!  It is late Autumn and Winter will soon be here so I am having fun trying out darker colors!  This week I decided to wear a deep blue nail polish by Nails INC called "Upper Brook Street."  I got this nail polish in a Nails INC set I ordered from QVC.  The complete set looks like:

"Upper Brook Street" is such a gorgeous purple blue color!  The formula is nice but it does have some streaking.  While "Upper Brook Street" is a darker color it definitely needs two coats of polish to be opaque!  Since I have a mini bottle it was a little hard to control the brush, but that is only because of the tiny size of the bottle.  As for chipping "Upper Brook Street" lasted about three days before the chipping started, and when the chipping did start it was bad!  There were chunks falling off almost continuously until I removed "Upper Brook Street."  Also I was very happy that this dark blue nail polish left no stains on my nails and was easy to remove!

Overall I am pretty pleased with Nails INC's "Upper Brook Street."  The color is gorgeous (and the picture doesn't even do it justice!), and the formula is good.  The tiny bottle size made it a bit difficult to apply but that isn't Nails INC's fault that I purchased a mini size so I can forgive that!  I wish that I had been able to wear "Upper Brook Street" just a little bit longer but three days is still fairly decent.  I definitely plan on wearing this nail polish again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Orly "Decoded"

Hi everyone!  So in my efforts to try out some darker Autumn/Winter colored polishes I decided to rummage through the Rubbermaid bins and see what I could find.  I looked through all the darker colors and found that I haven't tried out a grey nail polish in a while so I pulled out Orly's "Decoded" which is a medium to dark grey.

Orly's "Decoded" is a basic grey cream, which I thought would be a nice cold weather color since it matches the sky's clouds in North Carolina during Autumn/Winter.  Formula wise "Decoded" is extremely watery and it was relatively difficult and time consuming to apply to my finger nails.  After a few attempts I found that by removing as much excess polish as possible from the brush and using multiple quick brush strokes that I was able to successfully paint my nails.  After two coats of polish "Decoded" had no streaking which was nice after all the hard work and effort it took to get this polish on my nails!  After applying a quick drying topcoat I waited for my nails to finish drying and before I could even take pictures for this post my nails started to smudge.  "Decoded" refused to dry even though I used an Orly topcoat, which is supposed to work best with Orly nail polishes.  I was definitely unhappy because it took me forever to master how to apply Orly's "Decoded" because of its awful formula and then it looked gross after less than two hours!  By the end of the first day I removed "Decoded" because it looked horrific and was extremely smudged and still felt tacky and semi-wet to the touch!  Also when I removed Orly's "Decoded" from my nails it left awful stains on my nails, which just added to my list of dislikes about this polish.

Overall I am seriously disappointed by Orly's "Decoded."  The only nice thing about this nail polish is its nice grey color!  Otherwise the formula is overly watery, difficult to control, and refused to dry after many hours which caused a ton of smudging and chips.  Not to mention the horrid stains it left all over my nails.  I probably will not wear this nail polish again, unless I can find a way to get it to actually dry.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Rimmel London "Purple Reign"

Hi everyone!  So Autumn has come late here in the southeast and our leaves are just now starting to look pretty, but I am glad that it wasn't a bad year for the leaves!  This week I decided to pull out a purple nail polish because I like purple and I hadn't worn a purple polish in a while.  :)  After digging through my collection I pulled out Rimmel London's 60 Seconds in "Purple Reign."

"Purple Reign" is a really nice royal purple color which I thought was very appropriate for Autumn because I typically start wear darker colors.  Formula wise "Purple Reign" was okay.  It went on fairly easily and since Rimmel London has nice wide brushes.  I was very surprised though with how light "Purple Reign" looked on my nails.  It looks so much darker in the bottle.  After two coats of polish there were a few minor streaks and the nail polish wasn't completely opaque, which was a bit disappointing.  As for chipping it started within the first 12 hours.  "Purple Reign" took forever to dry even with a topcoat (Orly "Sec'N'Dry") and my pointer finger got smudged, which can kind of be seen in the picture above.  After day one "Purple Reign" was chipped and smudged beyond repair and I had to remove it.

Overall I am a bit disappointed by Rimmel London's "Purple Reign."  The color is very pretty, though I think it looks better in the bottle than on my nails.  And it was totally a let down that the polish didn't want to dry and then started chipping and smudging.  Then you add in the few streaks and that it wasn't opaque after two coats and it looks like I probably won't wear "Purple Reign" again anytime soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sally Hansen "Jaded"

Hi everyone!  Happy November!  (Even though my November is starting off with pouring rain!)  While I enjoyed wearing lots of pink nail polishes in October I was very excited to wear a different color nail polish again!  I decided to go with a blue-green nail polish as my first post-pink month!  Ever since I saw Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in "Jaded" I wanted to try it out.

In the bottle "Jaded" looks like a gorgeous aquamarine/mint colored polish however the good stopped there.  This Sally Hansen nail polish is beyond watery and miserable to apply!  After two coats of nail polish "Jaded" was beyond see-through and it refused to dry smudging and causing a huge mess.  After applying a quick drying topcoat (Orly "Sec'N'Dry") "Jaded" finally dried, however they looked so awful that I just took pictures and then promptly removed this nail polish!  I have no idea how long Sally Hansen "Jaded" would have lasted if I had been able to actually wear this nail polish for more than 2 hours.

Overall I am very disappointed with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Jaded."  While the color is nice everything else about it is awful!  I have no plans to use this nail polish every again and it will most likely sit in my Rubbermaid bins gathering dust.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)