Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OPI "Skip the Gift Wrap"

Hi everyone!  It is the end of November and I can hardly believe that 2013 is starting to wrap up!  Now we just have Thanksgiving later this week (if you are American) and then Christmas and before you know it we'll be saying "Hello 2014!"  This week I decided to try out a pretty Christmas-y green polish by OPI called "Skip the Gift Wrap."  Can you tell I am excited for Christmas??  :)

OPI's "Skip the Gift Wrap" was part of a special collection for Christmas 2012 that was only at ULTA stores.    I decided to get this nail polish because the name is cute and I don't own too many dark green nail polishes.  Formula wise "Skip the Gift Wrap" is somewhat watery and a bit difficult to control.  I tend to find that OPI polishes have good brushes but since "Skip the Gift Wrap" is watery the OPI brush was unhelpful.  After two coats "Skip the Gift Wrap" was not opaque on most of my nails and there were streaks all over the place!  As for chipping I don't know how long "Skip the Gift Wrap" might last because it looked awful on my nails and started chipping almost instantly!

Overall the color of OPI's "Skip the Gift Wrap" was prettier in the bottle than on my nail, the formula was watery and hard to manage, and bad formula left lots of streaks all over my nails!  My nails looked so awful that I actually couldn't wear this polish anywhere and it only stayed on my nails for a couple of hours.  In the end I probably won't be wearing OPI's "Skip the Gift Wrap" again anytime soon.

Thanks for reading my blog!  And Happy Thanksgiving America!  :)

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