Saturday, October 29, 2011

OPI "Royal Flush Blush"


While summer is almost entirely over, I thought I would pull out one last coral color before it gets too cold.  I could think of no better color than OPI’s “Royal Flush Blush,” which is a light coral with a lot of pink in it.  The color reminds me of pink lemonade and can brighten up any autumn day!  I also find the shimmer finish allows “Royal Flush Blush” to be a fun, easy-going, summer color.

Not only is the color wonderful, but the lacquer itself goes on in very even coats.  In the picture above I have used a clear base coat, two coats of “Royal Flush Blush” and a clear coat on top.  My clear coat of choice (as I am on a college budget) is “Invisible” by Sally Hanson, which usually sells for around $3.00.  I find that when I use a clear coat on top this polish lasts a little over a week before it starts to chip.  (And you should know I am very clumsy and I am currently working on an Interior Design degree, which means that nail polish doesn’t usually last very long for me.)

Overall I have found “Royal Flush Blush” to be a great asset to my nail polish collection, and I LOVE to wear it in autumn because it reminds me of all the fun I had last summer!

EDIT: So I decided that I didn't think the original picture I posted did justice to the polish so I re-did the picture.  So the original picture is now here at the bottom and the new picture is at the top.  :) 

Friday, October 28, 2011

For the Love of the Polish

I have decided that my long time obsession of painting my nails should be turned into a blog.  A blog that talks about polishes I have liked and colors that are popular and gorgeous!  My collection on nail polish is an ever growing treasure trove of surprises that never ceases to amaze me!  If it is polish for your nails, I am willing to try it!

Just a bit of basic information for you:

Nail polish comes in various colors, which then includes shades inside each color.  For example: there is green nail polish (color) and one shade might be "Mint Sorbet" (by Sally Hansen).

Also nail polish is meant to be applied to well kept fingers and toes NOT to cover up the fact that you haven't...  Just saying.

While my collection is ever growing my current count is 39 bottles.