Saturday, October 29, 2011

OPI "Royal Flush Blush"


While summer is almost entirely over, I thought I would pull out one last coral color before it gets too cold.  I could think of no better color than OPI’s “Royal Flush Blush,” which is a light coral with a lot of pink in it.  The color reminds me of pink lemonade and can brighten up any autumn day!  I also find the shimmer finish allows “Royal Flush Blush” to be a fun, easy-going, summer color.

Not only is the color wonderful, but the lacquer itself goes on in very even coats.  In the picture above I have used a clear base coat, two coats of “Royal Flush Blush” and a clear coat on top.  My clear coat of choice (as I am on a college budget) is “Invisible” by Sally Hanson, which usually sells for around $3.00.  I find that when I use a clear coat on top this polish lasts a little over a week before it starts to chip.  (And you should know I am very clumsy and I am currently working on an Interior Design degree, which means that nail polish doesn’t usually last very long for me.)

Overall I have found “Royal Flush Blush” to be a great asset to my nail polish collection, and I LOVE to wear it in autumn because it reminds me of all the fun I had last summer!

EDIT: So I decided that I didn't think the original picture I posted did justice to the polish so I re-did the picture.  So the original picture is now here at the bottom and the new picture is at the top.  :) 

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