Sunday, March 29, 2015

China Glaze "Agro"

Hi everyone!  Now that the March showers have arrived it has turned everything green again so I decided to celebrate green with my nail polish!  Today's nail polish is China Glaze's "Agro" which is a colored based on the movie The Hunger Games.  It is from the Capitol Colours Collection which came out in 2012 to coincide with the movie's release.

"Agro" is a gorgeous olive green polish with a hint of golden shimmer.  Formula wise this nail polish is fantastic!  It was very easy to apply "Agro" and it was completely opaque after two coats of polish. Like many shimmery polishes, "Agro" did have a few minor streak marks but nothing too noticeable. As for chipping "Agro" lasted five full days before the nail polish began to chip off the tips of my nails.

Overall China Glaze's "Agro" is a wonderful nail polish!  "Agro" is a fun and unique color, had a great formula, was opaque after two coats, had very little streak marks, and lasted five days before chipping.  As far as I can tell there is no downside to China Glaze's "Agro" and I will b wearing this polish a lot more often!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

OPI "Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not"

Hi all!  Later this year I am headed off to France for a couple of weeks so I wanted to start the celebration early!  Today's nail polish is OPI's "Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not" which is part of a 2008 collection based on France.

"Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not" is a gorgeous deep purple berry color with a hint of shimmer.  Formula wise this polish was super easy to apply and was opaque after two coats.  While the formula is lovely there were some minor streak marks, particularly on my thumb nails.  As for chipping "Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not" lasted for about four days before there were noticeable tip chips.

Overall I am pleased with OPI's "Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not."  Everything about this nail polish was good and the only part that I would change is the small bit of streak marks on my thumb nails.  I will definitely be wearing this polish again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Blinding Blue"

Hi everyone!  Spring is in full bloom now and I am enjoying seeing the trees bud!  I decided to celebrate Spring today by wearing a super bright polish!  Today's nail polish is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Blinding Blue."

"Blinding Blue" is not surprisingly a very bright blue colored nail polish.  The formula of "Blinding Blue" was horribly thick and it was a nightmare to apply!  Because the polish was so thick it stuck to the brush like glue and it made my nails look streaky.  Also when the nail polish did come off the brush it ended on my nails in gigantic blobs and ran all over my fingers!  After two coats of polish my nails looked like a big mess and it took me quite a while to touch up my nails just to take pictures. As for chipping I'm not sure how long "Blinding Blue" would last because it barely stayed on my nails long enough to take pictures.  Also even though "Blinding Blue" only stayed on my nails for around two hours is stained my nails a gross shade of blue that took a long time to clean up!

Overall I am very disappointed with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Blinding Blue."  The only thing I liked about this nail polish was the pretty color.  Other than that the formula was terrible, it was difficult to apply, it looked terrible on, and it stained my nails.  This nail polish definitely won't be one I try again any time soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

FLOWER "Beige Beauty"

Hi everyone!  I can't believe we are over halfway through March already, even though Spring forgot to show up!  It seems like the year is flying by.  After a few brightly colored polishes I decided to try out a nice neutral polish by actress Drew Barrymore's make-up company, FLOWER.  Today's nail polish is called "Beige Beauty."

"Beige Beauty" is not surprisingly a beige colored nail polish and the color reminds me of coffee ice cream.  Formula wise "Beige Beauty" is pretty good, though just the tiniest bit watery.  After two coats of polish "Beige Beauty" was nearly opaque but not entirely.  I think this could be fixed by using slightly thicker coats of nail polish.  "Beige Beauty" also has many visible streak marks, but again I think thicker coats of polish would probably fix that.  As for chipping "Beige Beauty" lasted about three days before it started to chip on the tips of my nails.

Overall FLOWER's "Beige Beauty" is a decent nail polish.  I love the color and the formula is fair but it would have been nice to have less visible streak marks and to have been able to wear this polish for more than three days.  Since I think slightly thicker coats of nail polish might solve my streak mark and opaqueness problem I definitely plan on giving this nail polish another go!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ciaté "Sugar Plum"

Hi all and Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today's nail polish actually isn't St. Patrick's Day themed (oops I forgot to wear green!)  Instead I picked out a pretty pastel called "Sugar Plum" by Ciaté.  "Sugar Plum" was part of Ciaté's Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar from 2013.  The set looks like this and "Sugar Plum" is number 6:

"Sugar Plum" is is a beautiful pastel purple polish.  Formula wise "Sugar Plum" was good and very easy to apply.  After two coats the polish was completely opaque and had no visible streak marks which is nice because sometimes pastel streak very easily.  "Sugar Plum" lasted about three or four days before there were any noticeable chips.

Overall I am very pleased with Ciaté's "Sugar Plum."  The polish has a pretty color, a good formula, was easy to apply, and lasted a decent amount of time before chipping.  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again and again.

Thanks for reading my blog and Happy St. Patty's Day!  :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beautifully Disney "You Wish"

Hi everyone!  Now that it is the middle of March it's been about five months since I have been to Disney World in Florida and I'm definitely missing the happiest place on Earth!  So I decided to pull out one of the polishes I got on mt trip there last October.  Disney's brand of nail polish is called Beautifully Disney and they come in full sized bottles or in small mini sets and each polish represents a well-known Disney character.  I have the small mini sets because it allows me to try out more polishes!  Today's nail polish is Beautifully Disney's "You Wish" which represents Jasmine from Aladdin.  Here's what the mini set looks like:

Beautifully Disney's Fiery Spirit Mini Collection

"You Wish" is a gorgeous turquoise color!  Formula wise "You Wish" is lovely and it was very easy to apply,  After two coats the polish was completely opaque and had no visible streak marks!  As for chipping "You Wish" lasted a full five days before a few minor tip chips showed up, which was fantastic!

Overall I am very pleased with Beautifully Disney's "You Wish."  Everything about this nail polish is great from the color, to the formula, to its durability on my nails!  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Glittery Nail Art!

Hi everyone!  Today's post is a SECOND nail art for the month!  (A very rare thing for me!)  It is a very very simple nail art post with a glitter polish!  A while back I tested out butter LONDON's "Rosie Lee" and I thought it would look nice over a silver nail polish, so that's what today's nail art is!

The polishes I used for this nail art are butter LONDON's "Rosie Lee" and Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Celeb City" (which is the silver nail polish).  Here are the bottles of polish:

To start off I applied two coats of Sally Hansen's "Celeb City" to my nails and allowed them to dry for about ten minutes before applying butter LONDON's "Rosie Lee."  Here's how "Celeb City" looked on my nails:

To apply butter LONDON's "Rosie Lee" to my nails I used the regular brush provided in the bottle of polish.  However instead of just pulling the brush out of the bottle and applying it directly to my nails I first brushed the excess glitter off of the brush that way I got a nice light coat of glitter and not a big mess on my nails.  Here's the finished look:

Overall I like how this nail art turned out!  It is so very simple and you could easily change either the base color or the glitter polish to create an entirely different look!  I will definitely be wearing this look a lot more throughout the Spring and Summer!

If you are interested here are the links for my previous posts on butter LONDON's "Rosie Lee" and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Celeb City":

butter LONDON "Rosie Lee": 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Celeb City": 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

OPI "Windy City Pretty"

Hi everyone!  So a while back my two best friends and I went for manis and pedis as a fun "we all live in the same city again" treat.  (We haven't all lived in the same place since 2011 so it is great to all be back together again!)  Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out a polish that I don't own!  I picked out OPI's "Windy City Pretty" from the Chicago Collection.

"Windy City Pretty" is a very pretty dusty purple/pink polish with just a hint of gold shimmer.  Formula wise it is hard to tell because I wasn't the one who painted it, however I did notice that this polish was definitely not opaque until the second coat.  But despite the shimmer there are no visible streak marks which is always nice.  As for chipping I was able to wear "Windy City Pretty" for about four or five days before the chipping became too noticeable, but the polish did start to rub off the ends of my nails after only about two days.

Overall I quite like OPI's "Windy City Pretty" the color is very pretty and perfect for Autumn thru Spring!  I believe that I could have worn this polish for  while longer if I had done them myself.  I wasn't so pleased with how the salon filed the ends of my nails, which I believe is what caused the polish to rub off.

Side note:  Because I went to an actual nail salon to have my nails done they used a different base and topcoat then I do.  I'm not sure exactly which ones they used other than the brand was OPI.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Essie "Dress To Kilt"

Hi all and happy March!  I started out this month with a nail art to celebrate my favorite college team so today I decided to go with super bright nail polish!  Today's nail polish is Essie's "Dress To Kilt."

"Dress To Kilt" is a bright red nail polish.  It isn't a true cherry red but rather a darker version of cherry red.  This nail polish has the most amazing formula!  It was very easy to apply and was completely opaque after one coat of nail polish.  (That's right it is a one-coater!!)  Also there were absolutely no visible streak marks.  As for chipping "Dress To Kilt" lasted for five full days before there were noticeable tip chips!

Overall I am very pleased with Essie's "Dress To Kilt."  Everything about this nail polish is fantastic and I plan on wearing it a lot more!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nail Art: March Madness!

Hi guys and happy March Madness 2015!  Every March in the United States (and mostly the Southern United States) there is a major college basketball tournament to see who will take the title.  In North Carolina we have two major teams that compete, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Tarheels) and Duke University (Blue Devils).  In my house only one team is worth anything and that's UNC.  So I decided to do a nail art featuring the UNC logo.

To start off the UNC logo is an N and a C combined together so it is pretty simple to do.  UNC's school colors are a sky blue (known in North Carolina as Carolina blue) and white.  I actually lucked out on finding the perfect colors because last year Julep sold duo sets featuring many college teams colors.  The polish names are Julep's "Bess" (blue) and Julep's "Bunny" (white).  The bottles look like this:

To do this very simple nail art I first applied a base coat (Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Invisible") and then on my pointer, middle, and pinky finger I applied two coats of Julep's "Bess."  Then I applied two coats of Julep's "Bunny" to my ring finger.  After giving my nails time to dry I used a dotting tool to first apply the C and then to apply the N in Julep's "Bess."  The dotting tools look like this and were purchased on Amazon:

To finish off my nails I applied a good coat of Orly's "Sec'N'Dry" which is a quick drying top coat.

Overall I think my March Madness nail art turned out great and it is a fun way to represent my favorite team!  This nail art can easily be changed to represent any school and I can also wear this during football season not just during the basketball tournament.

Thanks for reading my blog and may the best college basketball team win!  :)