Friday, March 20, 2015

FLOWER "Beige Beauty"

Hi everyone!  I can't believe we are over halfway through March already, even though Spring forgot to show up!  It seems like the year is flying by.  After a few brightly colored polishes I decided to try out a nice neutral polish by actress Drew Barrymore's make-up company, FLOWER.  Today's nail polish is called "Beige Beauty."

"Beige Beauty" is not surprisingly a beige colored nail polish and the color reminds me of coffee ice cream.  Formula wise "Beige Beauty" is pretty good, though just the tiniest bit watery.  After two coats of polish "Beige Beauty" was nearly opaque but not entirely.  I think this could be fixed by using slightly thicker coats of nail polish.  "Beige Beauty" also has many visible streak marks, but again I think thicker coats of polish would probably fix that.  As for chipping "Beige Beauty" lasted about three days before it started to chip on the tips of my nails.

Overall FLOWER's "Beige Beauty" is a decent nail polish.  I love the color and the formula is fair but it would have been nice to have less visible streak marks and to have been able to wear this polish for more than three days.  Since I think slightly thicker coats of nail polish might solve my streak mark and opaqueness problem I definitely plan on giving this nail polish another go!

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