Monday, March 2, 2015

Nail Art: March Madness!

Hi guys and happy March Madness 2015!  Every March in the United States (and mostly the Southern United States) there is a major college basketball tournament to see who will take the title.  In North Carolina we have two major teams that compete, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Tarheels) and Duke University (Blue Devils).  In my house only one team is worth anything and that's UNC.  So I decided to do a nail art featuring the UNC logo.

To start off the UNC logo is an N and a C combined together so it is pretty simple to do.  UNC's school colors are a sky blue (known in North Carolina as Carolina blue) and white.  I actually lucked out on finding the perfect colors because last year Julep sold duo sets featuring many college teams colors.  The polish names are Julep's "Bess" (blue) and Julep's "Bunny" (white).  The bottles look like this:

To do this very simple nail art I first applied a base coat (Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Invisible") and then on my pointer, middle, and pinky finger I applied two coats of Julep's "Bess."  Then I applied two coats of Julep's "Bunny" to my ring finger.  After giving my nails time to dry I used a dotting tool to first apply the C and then to apply the N in Julep's "Bess."  The dotting tools look like this and were purchased on Amazon:

To finish off my nails I applied a good coat of Orly's "Sec'N'Dry" which is a quick drying top coat.

Overall I think my March Madness nail art turned out great and it is a fun way to represent my favorite team!  This nail art can easily be changed to represent any school and I can also wear this during football season not just during the basketball tournament.

Thanks for reading my blog and may the best college basketball team win!  :)

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