Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Deborah Lippman "Candy Shop"

Happy Halloween!  I can't believe October is almost over!  I had hoped to get this post up early so I could post a Halloween nail tutorial, but sadly I've been busy and it just didn't happen!  Anyway to wrap up October's Breast Cancer Awareness month I decided to wear my very first Deborah Lippman nail polish!  I am so excited about this nail polish!  I just think it is so unique and gorgeous!

This Deborah Lippman nail polish is called "Candy Shop" and usually retails for around $16.  I purchased mine at Nordstroms but I am sure there are other places that sell this polish!

So "Candy Shop" is this gorgeous glitter polish with a light pink base color!  It looks really neat on and is packed with most every color of glitter under the sun!  The glitter is also in several sizes!  The glitter overlapped as I put the coats of polish on and look really fun!  "Candy Shop" took two and a half coats of polish, which meant I did two full coats and then had to add polish to the tips of my nails.  I found because if the glitter this polish took a fair amount of work to put on!  And I used two coats of my usual topcoat (Orly "Sec'N'Dry") so that my nails would feel smooth and not rough!  With so many layers I thought the polish would chip fairly quickly but I was wrong!  I went about five days before I saw any chips!

Overall I am very impressed with this polish!  It looks great once it is on and for me is worth the little extra bit of work to put it on!

EDIT: I just took "Candy Shop" off and it was very difficult!  The pink polish part comes off easily but the glitter sticks like glue!  It took me between 45 minutes to an hour to remove the polish!  I use a popular method of nail polish where you soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and place it on your nail and hold it for several minutes.  Typically when you slide the cotton ball off nearly all of the polish comes off but in the case of Deborah Lippman's "Candy Shop" almost none of the polish came off.  I still love this polish but it is a pain to take off!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

OPI "My Address is Hollywood"

It is still October, which means I am still rocking only pink nail polish!  In case you aren't aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I wear pink nails to support awareness!  This week's pink nail polish is this gorgeous OPI polish called "My Address Is Hollywood."

"My Address Is Hollywood" is this really unique pink that I would consider a hot pink with a hint of orange.  Also this fabulous color has lots of micro-glitter which makes my nails shine!  "My Address Is Hollywood" applies really well and you can almost get away with just one coat, though I used two just to be on the safe side!  And I am happy to say that "My Address Is Hollywood" did not leave any streaks on my nails at all!  However I was a little disappointed when the polish began to chip after only three days!  And instead of chipping on the tips of my nails it started to peel off, in small chunks, from my cuticles down.

Overall while "My Address Is Hollywood" did not last as long as I would have expected an OPI polish too, I am still very happy with the extremely easy application and the gorgeous color!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Nail Design: Pinterest

Hey guys!  So sorry it has been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I ended up getting sick, and then I had to have my wisdom teeth out, and then I got sick again.  Anyway I am better now and so excited to continue painting my nails!

So last month I started trying out different nail designs that I had found, and I decided to try one a month.  So this month I decided to try an easy one!

Here is the original picture I found on Pinterest:

(no original source found)

The design didn't look too hard and the nice thing is I figured I could pick any light colored nail polish I want for the base color!  Plus I figured with a nail art pen writing "love" wouldn't be too difficult!

Here are the colors I picked:

From left to right: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in "Black", Essie's "Raise Awareness", and OPI's "Gargantuan Green Grape."

Okay I decided that instead of just using one basecoat color I would use "Gargantuan Green Grape" as an accent nail color and "Raise Awareness" as the main color.  I know that this color combo is really more Spring-like than Fall-like but during the month of October I exclusively wear only pink nail polish.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is special to me because several members of my family are Breast Cancer survivors!  The Essie polish I used is named "Raise Awareness" because it is one of Essie's Breast Cancer Awareness polishes from 2011.  This year Essie has released four more pink polishes, which can be purchased at any ULTA store!

Alright here is how my nails came out:

This is my left hand.
This is my right hand.
So as you probably noticed I only wrote "love" on my left hand.  I did this because I am right handed and couldn't write well enough with my left hand.  I did however manage to put a heart on my right accent nail.  Both Essie's "Raise Awareness" and OPI's "Gargantuan Green Grape" required three coats of polish to cover completely.  Also I noticed that the black nail art pen has started to fade after only two days and come off (see the "v" on my left hand), which is a little disappointing because I used a topcoat to seal the design in.  But otherwise this Pinterest nail design was super easy to do and turned out great!  Also this design could easily be done using different words like: joy, hope, and peace!
Hope you liked my nail design and thanks for reading my blog!