Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Polishes of 2014!

Happy Almost New Year!  (Only one day left to go until 2015!)  I decided this year to do a "My Favorite Polishes" post.  I picked out ten of my favorite nail polishes from 2014 and ranked them!

1. Orly's "Terracotta"
Here's the post:

2. OPI's "Every Month Is Oktoberfest"
Here's the post:

3. Nicole by OPI's "Carrie'd Away"
Here's the post:

4. Essie's "Meet Me At Sunset"
Here's the post:

5. China Glaze's "Life Preserver"
Here's the post:

6. Julie G's "Shark's Cove"
Here's the post:

7. Sephora by OPI's "What's Your Sign?"
Here's the post:

8. Beautifully Disney's "Broken Arrow"
Here's the post:

9. Essie's "Mint Candy Apple"
Here's the post:  http://perfectlypolished12.blogspot.com/2014/12/essie-mint-candy-apple.html

10. L'oreal's "Rough Around The Edges"
Here's the post:

What I have discovered is that 2014 was the year I loved orange nail polish!  (Which s kind of a bit funny since orange really isn't my color!)  Thanks for reading my blog all year and I promise that 2015 will be full of even more nail polish!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)  HAPPY 2015!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nicole by OPI "Cinna-man Of My Dreams"

Hi guy!  I hope everyone is recovering from Christmas a couple of days ago!  Now that Christmas is over I wanted to rock a non-holiday nail polish but I wasn't quite ready to give up all the glitter just yet!  So I picked out Nicole by OPI's "Cinna-man Of My Dreams" which is a copper colored glitter polish!

"Cinna-man Of My Dreams" as I mentioned is a copper colored glitter and it is gorgeous!  Formula wise this nail polish was very easy to apply and was completely opaque after two coats!  As for chipping "Cinna-man Of My Dreams" lasted about three days before there were noticeable tip chips.

Overall Nicole by OPI's "Cinna-man Of My Dreams" is a great nail polish!  It has a nice color, a great formula that was easy to apply and it lasted three days before chipping!  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish over and over again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014 Nail Art!

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas!  (Well almost!)  Today I decided to do a fun and simple Christmas themed nail art!  I settled on the Christmas Tree as the theme because I love decorating the tree every year!  Here are the bottles of polish I used to do this nail art:

Ciaté's "Apple Custard", Sally Hansen Hard As Nail's "Black Heart", Sinful Color's "Ruby Refined", Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Mellow Yellow", and Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer's "Work of Tart."

I decided to start with green nails since Christmas trees are green,  The green I decided to use is Ciaté's "Apple Custard" because it is a dusty green.

For two of my nails I decided to leave them green but give them a little texture so I used a dotting tool to spread Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer in "Work of Tart" on the pointer and pinky fingers.  It is uneven and I think adds some fun little depth to my nails.

As with all Christmas trees you hang glass balls, so I used Sinful Color's "Ruby Refined" and a dotting tool to put an ornament on my thumb and ring finger.  Then I used a small dotting tool to add black hooks on the glass ball ornaments, this is where I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in "Black Heart."

The last thing I did was add a yellow star to my middle finger, because the top of my Chirstmas tree always has a star on it!  I used the small dotting tool to draw a star and fill it in using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Mellow Yellow."

After all the nails were completed I topped them off with Orly's "Sec'N'Dry" which is a quick drying topcoat.  That was your nail art doesn't smudge!

Here are the dotting tools I used:

I purchased the dotting tools on Amazon and there were very affordable.  I mainly used the green one for this nail art because it has a large tip for the bigger designs and a very small tip for the more detailed parts of the nail art.

If you want more information on some of these nail polishes check out these posts:

Ciaté's "Apple Custard":

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Mellow Yellow": http://perfectlypolished12.blogspot.com/2014/07/sally-hansen-xtreme-wear-mellow-yellow.html

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and that you get everything you asked for!  Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maybelline "Ruby Refined"

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry this post is a day late but I'm still prepping for Christmas and yesterday got away from me!  But I couldn't resist pulling out a glittery red nail polish to keep up the festive mood of the holidays!  So today's nail polish is Maybelline's "Ruby Refined."

"Ruby Refined" as I said above is a super glittery red nail polish with some gold glitter tossed in for fun!  The formula of "Ruby Refined" is good and it was fairly easy to apply, which is great for a glitter heavy nail polish!  After two coats of polish "Ruby Refined" was completely opaque and has no visible streak marks.  In terms of chipping "Ruby Refined" lasted for about two days before the polish on the tips of my nails started to chip off.

Overall I am happy with Maybelline's "Ruby Refined" because the color is very pretty, the formula is nice and it was easy to apply.  The only thing I wasn't so happy with was how quickly the nail polish chipped.  I love the color of the nail polish so much that I will definitely be wearing "Ruby Refined" again and again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

China Glaze "Glitter All The Way"

Hi everyone and Happy almost Christmas!  Today I decided to try out a Christmasy nail polish!  I picked out China Glaze's "Glitter All The Way" which I bought in a Christmas mini set called Holiday Charms.  The set looks like this:

"Glitter All The Way" is a multi-colored glitter that features red, green, purple, and gold glitter in a clear base.  It is very pretty and works nicely for Christmas, however I think it would also work well for Mardi Gras!  The formula of "Glitter All The Way" is amazing and was so easy to apply in nice even coats!  And after two coats my nails were nicely covered and could almost be worn without a colored basecoat!  After trying out "Glitter All The Way" on blank nails I decided to test it out on a couple of base colors.

The first color I decided to test "Glitter All The Way" on is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Golden-I" which is a gold shimmer polish.  "Golden-I" has a nice formula and is perfect for Christmastime!  Since "Glitter All The Way" applies so nice for complete coverage I had to wipe the brush almost completely empty before applying it over a colored polish.  (I did this so that the glitter didn't hide the crème colored polish.)  I like the combo of "Glitter All The Way" and "Golden-I" because it is fun and happy without being too overwhelming.  I will definitely wear this combination again!  And this one is also perfect for Mardi Gras!!

The second color I decided to try out with "Glitter All The Way" is China Glaze's "Red Satin" which is actually part of the same Holiday Charms mini-set that "Glitter All The Way" is part of.  "Red Satin" is unsurprisingly a bright red crème polish that screams Christmas!  "Red Satin" has a nice formula and was easy to apply.  This combination definitely screams Christmas but I doubt I would wear it any other time of the year.

Overall I was really surprised with how awesome China Glaze's "Glitter All the Way" was and how easy it was to apply because glitter polish are notorious for being difficult to apply!  While I love this nail polish and it is very pretty it is definitely only right for Christmas and Mardi Gras so I won't be wearing it during other times of the year.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Zoya "Megan"

Hi guys!  Now that Winter is in full swing and Christmas will be here in a little over a week I can't help but dream of a white Christmas (which I have yet to see!) and I couldn't help but pull out a pastel grey polish.  Today's nail polish is Zoya's "Megan"

"Megan" is a very light grey nail polish with a faint hint of lavender purple in it.  (And yes I know snow is white but here in the South it becomes a grey color really quick because it melts and then re-freezes!)  The formula of "Megan" was interesting to say the least.  I thought "Megan" was very watery while applying the first coat of polish but then on the second coat the nail polish seemed thick and stuck to the brush.  It certainly made applying "Megan" pretty difficult, however after two coats of polish "Megan" was completely opaque and only had a few minor streak marks.  As for chipping the somewhat thick second layer of nail polish lead to a ton of chips and by the end of day two my nails looked so bad that I was forced to remove "Megan."

Overall Zoya's "Megan" is not my favorite nail polish because of the formula and how quickly it chipped.  But I very much love the pastel grey/lavender color of "Megan."  I am willing to give this nail polish another go and maybe it'll be easier to apple the second time around!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

OPI "Short-Stop!"

Hello everyone!  In true Christmas spirit I decided to go with bright red nail polish today!  So I pulled out OPI's "Short-Stop!" which was released earlier this year as part of OPI's Major League Baseball Collection.  (I love baseball so I scooped up several polishes in the collection!)

"Short-Stop!" is a gorgeous true red, creme nail polish that looks amazing on my nails!  The formula is fantastic and it was super easy to apply!  Also I am very happy to report that "Short-Stop!" can be worn as a one coater, although I applied two coats just to be sure.  After two coats coats of polish "Short-Stop!" was completely opaque and had absolutely no streak marks!  As for chipping "Short-Stop!" lasted four days before the tip chips became obvious.

Overall I am very impressed by OPI's "Short-Stop!"  It has a gorgeous color, great formula that was very easy to apply, and it lasted four days before starting to chip noticeably!

Thanks for reading my blog and happy two weeks till Christmas!  :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Essie "Mint Candy Apple"

Hi guys!  Christmas is continuing to creep every closer and I picked out another fun nail polish that reminds me of the season!  That polish is Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" which is a very well known Essie nail polish!

"Mint Candy Apple" is a very pretty mint green colored polish.  The formula of "Mint Candy Apple" was a bit watery which made it a bit annoying to apply.  After two coats of polish my nails were not completely opaque however there were no visible streak marks, which is kind of nice for a pastel.  As for chipping "Mint Candy Apple" lasted about two days before the tip chips got so bad I had to take the nail polish off.

Overall I like Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" because the color is nice and overall the polish looked decent on my nails.  I wish the formula was a little less watery so it would be easier to apply but I think with a bit of patience and practice the watery formula wouldn't be as much of an issue.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Orly FX "Star Trooper"

Hi everyone!  Happy end of the week!  (Hooray for Friday!)  As Christmas creeps every closer everything starts to get more shimmery and glittery!  So today I decided to pick out a super glitter nail polish by Orly called "Star Trooper."

"Star Trooper" has a black jelly base and loads of gold, silver, and white hexagonal glitter mixed in it, and it just shimmers in the light!  Formula wise most glitters are notorious for being difficult but this definitely wasn't the case with "Star Trooper" which applied super easily!  After two coats of polish "Star Trooper" wasn't completely opaque but it was barely noticeable because of all the glitter.  As for chipping I'm not completely sure because the glitter does tend to hang off the edge of the nails and it snags on everything.  And the snagging leads to chipping and frustration very quickly, however I think with a little practice and patience I could have gotten glitter free nail edges.

Overall I quite like Orly's "Star Trooper."  It has a wonderful formula that was easy to apply and gorgeous color and as I mentioned above all the snagging that the glitter caused could be fixed if I was more patient while painting.  I definitely plan on wearing this nail polish again soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sally Hansen Magnetic "Gold Conduct"

Hi everyone and Happy December!  I can hardly believe that 2014 is nearly over!  To start out December with a Christmas-y feel I decided to pull out a golden polish!  Today's nail polish is Sally Hansen's Magnetic "Gold Conduct."

"Gold Conduct" is a magnetic polish which means that after you apply it on your nails you hold the special magnet above your nail and it creates fun wavy patterns!  Formula wise "Gold Conduct" is fantastic!  It applies very easily and was actually opaque after only one coat of nail polish!  As for chipping I can't say because I only wore this nail polish for one day as a special occasion.  (And that occasion was Thanksgiving last week!)

Overall I really like Sally Hansen's Magnetic "Gold Conduct."  It is a nice Autumn/Winter color and it was very easy to apply.  I also love how the waves look on my nails and how very simple it is to create this look.  I will definitely wear "Gold Conduct" over and over again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)