Sunday, December 14, 2014

Zoya "Megan"

Hi guys!  Now that Winter is in full swing and Christmas will be here in a little over a week I can't help but dream of a white Christmas (which I have yet to see!) and I couldn't help but pull out a pastel grey polish.  Today's nail polish is Zoya's "Megan"

"Megan" is a very light grey nail polish with a faint hint of lavender purple in it.  (And yes I know snow is white but here in the South it becomes a grey color really quick because it melts and then re-freezes!)  The formula of "Megan" was interesting to say the least.  I thought "Megan" was very watery while applying the first coat of polish but then on the second coat the nail polish seemed thick and stuck to the brush.  It certainly made applying "Megan" pretty difficult, however after two coats of polish "Megan" was completely opaque and only had a few minor streak marks.  As for chipping the somewhat thick second layer of nail polish lead to a ton of chips and by the end of day two my nails looked so bad that I was forced to remove "Megan."

Overall Zoya's "Megan" is not my favorite nail polish because of the formula and how quickly it chipped.  But I very much love the pastel grey/lavender color of "Megan."  I am willing to give this nail polish another go and maybe it'll be easier to apple the second time around!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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