Wednesday, December 17, 2014

China Glaze "Glitter All The Way"

Hi everyone and Happy almost Christmas!  Today I decided to try out a Christmasy nail polish!  I picked out China Glaze's "Glitter All The Way" which I bought in a Christmas mini set called Holiday Charms.  The set looks like this:

"Glitter All The Way" is a multi-colored glitter that features red, green, purple, and gold glitter in a clear base.  It is very pretty and works nicely for Christmas, however I think it would also work well for Mardi Gras!  The formula of "Glitter All The Way" is amazing and was so easy to apply in nice even coats!  And after two coats my nails were nicely covered and could almost be worn without a colored basecoat!  After trying out "Glitter All The Way" on blank nails I decided to test it out on a couple of base colors.

The first color I decided to test "Glitter All The Way" on is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Golden-I" which is a gold shimmer polish.  "Golden-I" has a nice formula and is perfect for Christmastime!  Since "Glitter All The Way" applies so nice for complete coverage I had to wipe the brush almost completely empty before applying it over a colored polish.  (I did this so that the glitter didn't hide the crème colored polish.)  I like the combo of "Glitter All The Way" and "Golden-I" because it is fun and happy without being too overwhelming.  I will definitely wear this combination again!  And this one is also perfect for Mardi Gras!!

The second color I decided to try out with "Glitter All The Way" is China Glaze's "Red Satin" which is actually part of the same Holiday Charms mini-set that "Glitter All The Way" is part of.  "Red Satin" is unsurprisingly a bright red crème polish that screams Christmas!  "Red Satin" has a nice formula and was easy to apply.  This combination definitely screams Christmas but I doubt I would wear it any other time of the year.

Overall I was really surprised with how awesome China Glaze's "Glitter All the Way" was and how easy it was to apply because glitter polish are notorious for being difficult to apply!  While I love this nail polish and it is very pretty it is definitely only right for Christmas and Mardi Gras so I won't be wearing it during other times of the year.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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