Friday, April 4, 2014

China Glaze "Life Preserver"


Hi all!  So last week I wore a cool Spring blue polish, so this week I decided to go with a warm bright color.  I dug through my collection and came upon one of my favorite Summertime nail polishes by China Glaze called "Life Preserver." 

"Life Preserver" is a reddish-orange nail polish.  I usually wear this color on my toes a lot during the Summer because the color really is great!  Formula wise "Life Preserver" is amazing; not too watery or too thick and was very easy to apply to my nails!  After two coats the polish was completely opaque and had no streak marks!  As for chipping I was able to wear China Glaze's "Life Preserver" for about three days.  Now I feel that this may not be an accurate reading of how long this polish would last because I initially tested out "Life Preserver" last Fall and wore it to work an eight hour shift on Black Friday at the mall.  And as I said before I usually wear "Life Preserver" on my toes and can get it to last for nearly two weeks, or 14 days, therefore I do believe if I had worn this polish at a different time (A.K.A. not the craziest day to work retail ever) it would have lasted longer before chipping.

Overall I am very pleased with China Glaze's "Life Preserver" because the color is lovely and the formula is great!  And I am happy that even though I worked Black Friday in this polish it still held up for three full days!  I will most definitely be wearing China Glaze's "Life Preserver" again soon!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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