Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nicole by OPI "What's The Mitch-uation?"


Hi everyone and Happy almost Easter!  I can't believe how quickly this year is going by, but I am very happy that it is truly Spring now and the weather is finally warming up!  So now that flowers are blooming I wanted to try out a blue/purple duochrome that just feels happy and Spring-like.  And that polish is Nicole by OPI's "What's The Mitch-uation?" from Nicole by OPI's Modern Family Collection from Spring 2013, which is based off of the hit TV show and features polishes named after each character on the show.

As I mentioned above "What's The Mitch-uation?" is a blue/purple duochrome polish which changes color depending on the light.  Now "What's The Mitch-uation?" is not an extreme duochrome where the colors are very different but the color change is still noticeable.  Formula wise I was worried after I applied the first coat because the polish was a bit watery and I had a difficult time trying to get an even coat on.  Thankfully the second coat went on well and made "What's The Mitch-uation?" completely opaque and streak free, which I was happy about!  As for chipping I started to see very minor tip chips by the end of day two but I was able to wear "What's The Mitch-uation?" for a third day before it looked so badly chipped that it had to come off.

Overall I like Nicole by OPI's "What's The Mitch-uation?" because the color is very pretty and makes me think of blooming flowers!  The formula is decent and the polish lasted an okay amount of time before chipping.  I will definitely be wearing "What's The Mitch-uation?" again because overall it is a pretty good polish!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great Easter this Sunday!  :)

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