Monday, April 7, 2014

Essie "Sand Tropez"


Hi guys!  I can't believe April is here and here in North Carolina Spring has finally decided to show up!  So after a wearing several bright nail polishes I decided to tone it down this week and go with a neutral polish.  I dug through my collection and found Essie's "Sand Tropez."

Essie's "Sand Tropez" is a light sandy beige, which reminds me of a day at the beach.  (I do love the name of this polish it just fits so well!)  Formula wise "Sand Tropez" is nice, it applied easily and was opaque after two coats of polish.  However the polish leans a bit more towards the watery side of easy to apply.  Also the small width of Essie's brushes meant I had to make many extra brush strokes, but thankfully it didn't cause any streak marks on my nails!  As for chipping "Sand Tropez" lasted four days before I saw any chipping at all and even then the chips were very minor.  I was able to wear Essie's "Sand Tropez" for five full days before the chipping became more noticeable and I removed the polish.

Overall I am very very pleased with Essie's "Sand Tropez"!  I love the sandy beige colors, that it was opaque in two coats, had no streak marks, and lasted five days before really chipping!  I do wish that Essie had slightly bigger brushes so I didn't have to make as many passes across my nails, but seeing as that is my only complaint here I definitely like and would recommend Essie's "Sand Tropez"!

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