Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elle "Some Like It Lilac"


Hi everyone!  So this week I decided to celebrate Spring by wearing a fun pastel!  I picked out a polish by a new-to-me brand called Elle, which is made for Kohl's.  I found this polish late last year and waited for Spring to try it out.  The polish a lavender color called "Some Like It Lilac."  (And yes part of me bought this nail polish because the name is adorable!)

Elle's "Some Like It Lilac" is a very light pastel lavender and the color is very pretty!  The polish's formula was good and easy to manage, but I did end up with a lot of bubbles that were very visible.  Like many pastel polishes I had a hard time getting even coats on my nails and in the end there were some visible steaks (mostly on my thumbs).  However two coats of "Some Like It Lilac" was enough to completely cover my nails and make the polish opaque.  As for chipping it started on day two, and it looked awful!  "Some Like It Lilac" chipped and seemed to scrap off my nails on everything, which was very disappointing!  Also removing "Some Like It Lilac" was difficult!  For a crème polish it sure did want to stick to my nails!

Overall I have mixed opinions of Elle's "Some Like It Lilac."  I like that the color is very pretty, that the formula is good and was easy to apply, and that after two coats the polish was completely opaque.  I however do not like how quickly the polish chipped, was difficult to remove and that there were visible streak lines on some of my nails.  I am willing to wear this polish again and hope that it lasts longer on my nails next time.

Side note:  Elle is a nail polish that is made for Kohl's stores.  I wasn't able to find much out about the brand.  Also the bottle doesn't seem to list the ingredients so I have no idea if Elle is a 3 free brand or not.  However I do know that each bottle retails for $10.50 (USD) a bottle, and I have not seen them be on sale.  (Which is weird because Kohl's is know for everything always being on sale!)

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