Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Formula X "Relentless"

Hi guys!  I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely Spring weather like I am!  (Seriously three days of warm weather have felt so great!)  This week I decided to celebrate Spring by wearing a super bright pink nail polish!  I decided to try out Sephora's new Formula X in the color "Relentless."

"Relentless" is a super bright bubble gum pink polish, which is my favorite kind of pink nail polish!  The formula is very nice, and after two coats of polish "Relentless" was completely opaque.  However I did have some very minor streaks on my nails and I also noticed that because of the way the brush is it holds a lot of polish and that made it a little harder to paint some of my smaller nails.  But the minor streaks and brush were easily managed with a little practice.  As for chipping it started on day two when the polish started to chip off the ends of over half my nails!

Overall I have mixed feelings about Formula X's "Relentless."  The color is gorgeous and the formula is nice, but the fact that after two days the polish started to chip is definitely disappointing!  I am willing to try "Relentless" again and other Formula X nail polishes with the hopes that I'll have better results next time!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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