Friday, April 25, 2014

ULTA "Peach Parfait"


Hi guys!  I cannot believe that April is nearly over!  So I am very much enjoying that Spring is in full swing and I decided to wear another fun Springtime color this week!  I picked out ULTA's "Peach Parfait" which is a very pretty pinky-peach colored polish!

ULTA's "Peach Parfait" is a gorgeous color and I had been dying to try it out for a few months, but since I got this polish during the Winter I decided to hold off wearing it until the weather was nice!  Formula wise "Peach Parfait" is okay, but slightly on the watery side.  I had a hard time getting even coats of polish on my nails and after two coats of polish "Peach Parfait" was not anywhere near being completely opaque!  Also I was almost completely unable to get nice even brush strokes which means the tips of my nails are missing a lot of polish and the bad brush strokes also means I had streaks all over my nails!.  In terms of chipping it wasn't so much that "Peach Parfait" chipped off, instead it rubbed off the tips of all my nails making it look like I had only painted part of my nails!  I was able to wear ULTA's "Peach Parfait" for three days before my nails looked so bad that I took the polish off!

Overall I have come to the decision that ULTA's "Peach Parfait" is prettier in the bottle than on my nails.  The formula is only so-so and after having trouble getting even coats of polish on my nails, streaks on most of my nails, and it rubbed off my nails after only three days.  I must admit that I do not love or even like ULTA's "Peach Parfait" as I hoped I would.  I will probably give this polish another try but I wouldn't really recommend going out and buying "Peach Parfait."

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