Monday, April 28, 2014

Julie G "Shark's Cove"

Hi guys!  I can't believe that April is almost over and that Spring is finally in full swing!  A couple of weeks ago I went to the local Rite-Aid and discovered they carry Julie G nail polish, and that it is only $3.99 (USD) a bottle!  I had heard a lot about Julie G but until now had never been able to get my hands on any!  So this week I decided to finally try out Julie G's "Shark's Cove."

Julie G's "Shark's Cove" is a gorgeous aquamarine with a lot of silver shimmer.  It literally looks like sunshine bouncing off of water!  (And happily reminds me of the beach!)  Formula wise "Shark's Cove" was very good and was super easy to apply.  After two coats "Shark's Cove" was nearly opaque and had just a few very minor streak marks.  As for chipping I was able to wear this polish for about four days before it began to chip and scrape off of the tips of my nails.

Overall I am very pleased with my first encounter with Julie G nail polish!  "Shark's Cove" is a gorgeous color, the formula was great, it was opaque and had very few streak marks and lasted a decent amount of time before chipping.  And honestly I don't have anything bad to say about Julie G's "Shark's Cove."  If you are looking for a nice aquamarine polish for Spring, "Shark's Cove" is the way to go and it is very affordable at $3.99 a bottle.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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