Thursday, May 1, 2014

Comparison: Nicole by OPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" and Essie's "Resort Fling"

Hi guys and happy May!  I'm so excited it is finally May and that Summer is nearly here!  I originally didn't plan on doing a comparison post this month but when I saw Nicole by OPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" and Essie's "Resort Fling" next to each other they looked so similar I just had to test it out!  Both of these polishes are brand new this year with Nicole by OPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" being created to be added to NOPI's permanent collection and Essie's "Resort Fling" being part of Essie's Spring 2014 Resort Collection.  Here's how the bottles compared:

First off clearly these nail polishes aren't going to be dupes based off their bottles.  But the camera hasn't captured the colors exactly and the bottles favor more in real life.  Both NOPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" and Essie's "Resort Fling" are warm peachy colored polishes.  Here's how they compared after one coat of polish:

After one coat it is obvious that these polishes are probably not dupes but I continued on and applied a second coat to each and here's how it turned out:
After two coats of NOPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" and Essie's "Resort Fling" I can safely say they are NOT dupes and actually on the nail they aren't very alike at all.  (I swear they look alike in the bottle in natural light!)
Here's a little bot more about each polish:
NOPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" has a good formula, was easy to apply, but I learned that applying thin coats will not make the polish opaque.  (You can especially see this on my ring finger.)  This polish is part of Nicole by OPI's permanent collection that was added this Spring.  NOPI typically costs about $8 (USD) a bottle.
Essie's "Resort Fling" has a great formula, was fairly easy to apply but it went on in thick coats and required a bit of patience.  However after two coats the polish was completely opaque.  "Resort Fling" is part of Essie's Spring 2014 Resort Collection which is a special mini collection that is released every Spring.  I bought all four polishes in the collection in a nice little box set that features small bottles (not full-sized).  Full sized Essie polishes coast about $8.50 (USD) a bottle and the box set cost about $20 (USD).
Overall while these polishes aren't dupes they are both similar and great colors for Spring and Summer.  I love both colors and I am happy to say that I will be wearing both NOPI's "I'll Have The Salmon" and Essie's "Resort Fling" again and again.
Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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