Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sally Hansen "Berry Juicy"


Hi guys!  Now that the weather is actually warming up it is starting to feel like Summer and I am very excited!  So while I love bright colors in the Summer I decided to try out a pastel polish this week instead!  This week I decided to wear Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear polish in "Berry Juicy."

I recently purchased "Berry Juicy" and the color is gorgeous.  I knew I had to have it the second I saw it in the bottle!  In terms of the formula "Berry Juicy" was disappointingly watery and the polish didn't just go on my nails but all over my fingers!  Because of the watery formula I was unable to get thinner coats and it resulted in very thick coats.  After two coats of polish "Berry Juicy" was not opaque on my nails and left tons of streak marks!  As for chipping I don't really know because my nails looked horrific and I didn't wear "Berry Juicy" for more than a few hours.

Overall I am very disappointed with Sally Hansen's "Berry Juicy."  It's only good qualities are its super pretty color and its affordable price (at about $4 USD a bottle!)  Other than that its watery formula, thick coats of polish, the large amounts of streak marks and its inability to be opaque made me want to go crazy.  I might give this nail polish a second try, but I don't plan on wearing it much.

Thanks for reading my blog and happy May!  :)

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