Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sephora by OPI "What's Your Sign?"


Hi everyone!  So this week I decided to try out a color I don't usually wear that often: orange/peach.  Sephora by OPI's "What's Your Sign?" is a peach with massive amounts of peach glitter!  I bought this Sephora by OPI color last year right before Sephora retired the collection.  I was a bit weary o the color, because I am not an orange/peach kind of girl but I just loved the name of the polish so much!

Sephora by OPI's "What's Your Sign?" is a very interesting light peach with matching peach glitter.  But to me it also a bit more orange-y than regular peach.  It is a unique color to say the least!  Formula wise this polish is a bit watery and the brush picked it up unevenly.  The bad brush caused polish to go everywhere and made for uneven coats of polish!  After two coats of "What's Your Sign?" my nails were surprisingly okay and were completely opaque and had little to no streaking.  As for chipping I was able to wear "What's My Sign?" for four days before I saw any chips, and even then they were very minor.  The extra shimmer in this polish made it nearly impossible to see tip chips, which is a great bonus!

Overall Sephora by OPI's "What's Your Sign?" was good.  However I am unsure whether I like this polish or not.  The color is pretty and very unique, and the fact that it lasted for four days before I saw any chipping is nice.  But the slightly watery formula and difficult to deal with brush were tedious!  I will most likely wear this polish again, but it does take some patience to apply.

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