Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nuance "Orange Poppy"


Hi everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying the warmer weather!  To go along with the warm weather I decided to try out a fun bright red polish: Nuance's "Orange Poppy."  Nuance is actress Salma Hayek's nail polish line.  I discovered this brand by accident while at CVS one day and I am very glad I did!

Nuance's "Orange Poppy" is a gorgeous bright red color, that looks just like Poppies.  (The name fits perfectly!)  Formula wise "Orange Poppy" is amazing!  It went on very easily was nearly opaque after one coat.  However this nail polish is more of a jelly, so I did apply a second coat to build up the color.  After two coats of "Orange Poppy" my nails looked gorgeous and my nails had no streak marks.  As for chipping I started to notice smudges on my nails after only a few short hours and I was only able to wear "Orange Poppy" for about a day before all the smudges started to chip.  Removing Nuance's "Orange Poppy" was very easy and left no stains on my nails.

Overall I have very mixed opinions Nuance's "Orange Poppy."  I love the color, formula and how fabulous my nails looked with it on.  But I dislike how quickly the polish chipped.  "Orange Poppy" would be one of my favorite polishes if it hadn't chipped so quickly, however I am willing to give this polish another try.

As far as I can tell Nuance is only available at CVS stores and it retails for $5.99 (USD) a bottle, which is pretty reasonable.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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