Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nicole by OPI "Carrie'd Away"

Hi everyone and happy July!  I am getting super excited for the Fourth of July and I wanted to try out a sparkly nail polish to remind me of fireworks!  So I picked out a super gold glitter from Carrie Underwood's Nicole by OPI collection called: "Carrie'd Away."

"Carrie'd Away" is a gold glitter in a clear base.  It looks gorgeous in the bottle and did not disappoint on my nails!  However as a major glitter polish I was worried that it would not be opaque, but "Carrie'd Away" turned out to look nicely on my nails!  Formula wise "Carrie'd Away" was great and very easy to apply.  After two coats of polish "Carrie'd Away" was nearly opaque and the very small gaps caused by the glitter was nearly hidden by the glitter's shine.  As for chipping I don't know how long "Carrie'd Away" would last because extremely glitter nails are not acceptable where I work and therefore I had to take it off after only a short time.  I was a bit worried about removing "Carrie'd Away" because glitters can be a bit tricky.  But I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily this nail polish came off!

Overall I love Nicole by OPI's "Carrie'd Away"!  The color and glitter is gorgeous and it shimmers in the light, the formula is very easy to apply, and it came off quickly and without a lot of work.  I will definitely be wearing this nail polish again even if it is just for the weekend when I am off work!  Also "Carrie'd Away" is the perfect polish to wear to any formal event because it shines and looks good with just about anything!

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