Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sinful Colors "Just A Pinch"

Hi guys!  After such a bright color earlier this week I decided to cool things off with a pastel polish.  This week's polish is Sinful Colors "Just A Pinch."

"Just A Pinch" is a pastel, pistachio green, crème polish.  Formula wise "Just A Pinch" is a bit watery, which made it very difficult to apply and a fair amount of nail polish ran off my nail and onto my skin.  After two coats "Just A Pinch" was not opaque and had lots of streak marks.  In terms of chipping I don't know how long Sinful Colors "Just A Pinch" would last because it looked so horrible on my nails I refused to wear it out!

Overall I was disappointed by Sinful Colors "Just A Pinch."  The formula was watery making it difficult to apply, after two coats the polish was not opaque and left streak marks all over my nails.  While the color is lovely I probably won't be wearing "Just A Pinch" again because it was so hard to manage.

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