Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Essie "Full Steam Ahead"

Hi everyone!  We've had a lot of rain this week and the weather feels like Spring, so I decided to pull out a pastel colored polish in honor of the nice weather!  (However I fully expect it to be blazing hot again in a day or two!)  I picked out Essie's "Full Steam Ahead."

"Full Steam Ahead" is a pastel lavender colored polish with a hint of silver shimmer.  Unfortunately the silver shimmer shows up more in the bottle than it does on the nail.  Formula wise "Full Steam Ahead" is pretty good and went on well.  After two coats the polish was almost completely opaque and had no streak marks.  ("Full Steam Ahead" would probably look better with a third coat of polish.)  As for chipping Essie's "Full Steam Ahead" lasted four days before it started coming off in big chunks.  I believe it chipped so quickly because "Full Steam Ahead" because it went on in such thin coats.

Overall I am fairly pleased with Essie's "Full Steam Ahead."  The color is lovely, the formula is good, and the polish lasted four days before chipping.  My only dislike was that it was not opaque after two coats and really would look better with a third coat.  I am willing to wear this nail polish again and next time I will definitely try "Full Steam Ahead" with three coats.

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