Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ULTA Pro "Island Hopper"

Hi everyone!  Now that Summer is in full swing I decided to pull out my favorite Summertime color: aquamarine/turquoise.  Wearing aqua/turquoise in Summer always reminds me of the beach (even when I am not there).  So my aquamarine of choice this week is ULTA Pro's "Island Hopper."  (Isn't the name so fitting for Summer!)

ULTA Pro (or ULTA Professional) is one of the store brands from (you guessed it!): ULTA Beauty.  Formula wise "Island Hopper" is wonderful!  After two coats of polish "Island Hopper" was completely opaque and had no streak marks.  As for chipping "Island Hopper" lasted about three full days before the chipping starting, and even then it was mostly tip chips.

Overall I am pretty pleased with ULTA Pro's "Island Hopper."  The formula is fantastic, the polish was completely opaque after two coats and I was able to wear it for three days before any chipping started.  I definitely plan on wearing the polish again!

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