Sunday, June 29, 2014

OPI "He's My Surfing Instructor"

Hi everyone!  It is hard to believe that June is almost over, this year seems to be flying by!  Now during the Summer I go to the pool a lot and dream of being at the beach and this week I found the perfect nail polish for that: OPI's "He's My Surfing Instructor."

OPI's "He's My Surfing Instructor is an interesting chunky, blue, glitter nail polish that I found at ULTA a while back.  Many people online are discussing how this nail polish is a dupe of OPI's "Last Friday Night" from the Katy Perry collection.  (Really OPI just re-released several colors under new names and called it an exclusive collection at ULTA store.)  Anyways onto the part about the quality of this polish!  The formula is so-so, since it is a chunky glitter it takes a bit of work to get an nice even coat and still have glitter on your nails.  After two coats it was not opaque in the slightest bit but it did not have any noticeable streak marks.  As for chipping I have no idea because it looked so horrible by itself that I refused to wear it out of the house.  Removing "He's My Surfing Instructor" was very easy and all of the glitter came off without any work.

Now in the bottle "He's My Surfing Instructor" looks like this gorgeous deep blue glitter, but on the nail you can not see any of that blue base color and only very small bits of clear and light blue glitter.  On its own it is entirely disappointing, so I decided to try using a crème blue nail polish as a base and apply "He's My Surfing Instructor" on top.  And it turned out to look so much better!  The blue crème I selected is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in "Pacific Blue."

Now this gorgeous combo of Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue" with OPI's "He's My Surfing Instructor" lasted about two days before it began to chip.  I think it started to chip so quickly because the glitter from "He's My Surfing Instructor" kept getting caught on everything, even though I used a very thick layer of quick drying topcoat.  As for removing this pretty polish it was surprisingly easy, taking less than 15 minutes to do all 10 nails!

Overall I have mixed opinions of OPI's "He's My Surfing Instructor."  On its own it looks lovely in the bottle but looks hideous on the nail.  Also its formula isn't anything special.  However when applied on top of a similar blue colored crème nail polish it looks very pretty.  So on its own I would never wear this nail polish again, but paired with another polish and I would most definitely wear this polish again.  I truly love the way OPI's "He's My Surfing Instructor" looks over Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue" it reminds me of sunshine reflecting off the ocean and I think it could be great in the Winter too because it also looks kind of icy.

Availability:  Unless you can find OPI's "He's My Surfing Instructor" or OPI's "Last Friday Night" online on Amazon or E-bay they may be unavailable as they were part of special collections which were only available for a limited time.

Also I've just recently learned that Sally Hansen has re-done "Pacific Blue."  I have the old version and not the new version.  Lately I haven't been able to find either version in stores.

Thanks for reading my blog!  And I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!  :)

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