Sunday, June 8, 2014

Piggy Polish "Make Waves"

Hi guys!  The Summer heat has kicked in and I keep hoping to make it to the pool, but I'll settle for gorgeous water blue nails!  This week I decided to try out Piggy Polish's "Make Waves" which is a pretty sky blue nail polish!  It has been a long time since I last tried a Piggy Polish out so I was kind of excited to try out "Make Waves"!

I thought that "Make Waves" was a sky blue crème until I started applying it and realized it is less of a crème and more of a jelly.  I suppose it is some kind of blend between the two, which makes for an interesting nail polish.  Formula wise "Make Waves" is decent, but almost a bit on the watery side.  It was easy enough to apply, but the coats were very uneven.  After two coats of "Make Waves" it was not opaque and had lots of streak marks.  As for chipping, it didn't actually chipped but it smudged horribly and refused to dry.  I managed to wear "Make Waves" for about 24 hours, or one day, but since I went to bed about two hours after I painted my nails I had tons of wrinkle marks from the sheets on my nails.  In fact, I actually repainted my nails to get the picture you see above!

Overall I am pretty unimpressed by Piggy Polish's "Make Waves."  While the color is pretty and the formula is okay, the fact that it refused to dry, was not opaque after two coats of polish, and had streak marks all over is pretty disappointing!  Also I find the smell of Piggy Polish to be very overwhelming, which is not too surprising since the brand is not 3 Free.

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