Thursday, June 5, 2014

Covergirl "Sulfur Blaze"


Hi guys!  So now that June is in full swing and the sun is out all day long I decided to pick a nail polish that reminds me of the sun.  And I found just the perfect one a yellow glitter by Covergirl called "Sulfur Blaze."  This nail polish is part of the 2013 Catching Fire collection which came out shortly before the movie last year.

Like I mentioned above "Sulfur Blaze" is a yellow glitter, almost a gold color in the bottle.  It is a very pretty color and it shimmers in the sunlight.  The formula is pretty good for a glitter.  It is slightly on the watery side but that is good for a glitter polish because it makes it easier to apply.  After two coats of polish you could still see through "Sulfur Blaze" straight to my nails, especially on the tips, but there were no noticeable streak marks.  As for chipping it started to wear off my nails on day two, which is common for heavy glitter polishes because they tend to snag on anything and everything (even when you put on a topcoat!)  As for removing "Sulfur Blaze" it was surprisingly easy, especially considering all the glitter.  However I did find bits of glitter sticking to my hands for a day or two.

Overall I like Covergirl's "Sulfur Blaze."  The color is very pretty and the formula is nice which are two good things for a nail polish.  However I do wish it hadn't chipped so quickly and that I could have gotten it opaque on my nails.  (And yes I am aware that I could have done a third coat of polish instead of my usual two but I feared that it would make the nail polish too thick and would chip even faster!)  I will definitely be wearing Covergirl's "Sulfur Blaze" again this Summer because it just looks amazing in the sunshine!  (The picture above is in direct sunlight.)

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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