Monday, June 16, 2014

butterLONDON "Lillibet's Jubilee"

Hi everyone!  So this week I decided to try out butterLONDON's "Lillibet's Jubilee" which is this gorgeous silver metallic polish!  "Lillibet's Jubilee" was a special release for Queen Elizabeth II's 60 year anniversary of sitting on the throne, and it is currently "on holiday" and not available on butterLONDON's website.

As I already said "Lillibet's Jubilee" is a silver metallic and it is gorgeous!  The shimmer it creates is unreal and it sparkles in the sunshine!  Formula wise I am very impressed with "Lillibet's Jubilee" because it went on very easily and in nice even coats.  After two coats the polish was completely opaque, and while there was some minor streaking it was not very noticeable.  As for chipping "Lillibet's Jubilee" lasted two days before the chips started to look horrible.  I think the metallic made the chips very visible!

Overall I have mixed feelings about butterLONDON's "Lillibet's Jubilee."  The formula is great, the color is gorgeous and the application was fantastic!  But I was not impressed with how quickly the polish chipped and I would have loved to have worn "Lillibet's Jubilee" longer than two days!

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