Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautifully Disney "Broken Arrow"


Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has survived the time change, losing that hour is rough!  So last October when I went to Walt Disney World in Florida I purchased some Disney nail polish and I am just now getting around to trying it out!  I bought two mini set, with four bottles of polish per set.  Each set has their own name and all of the polishes are themed from Disney movies, mostly princess movies.  So this week I decided to wear Beautifully Disney's "Broken Arrow" which is themed from the movie Pocahontas and comes from the set Fiery Spirit.  Here is what the mini set looks like:


"Broken Arrow" is a unique yellow colored polish.  It is a pastel but it also has a hint of mustard, the best I can describe it is a honey mustard color.  Formula wise "Broken Arrow" is pretty good, but because it is a mini bottle the brush was very tiny and it was a bit difficult to get enough polish on my nails.  But after two coats the polish was completely opaque which was nice.  However "Broken Arrow" is a pastel and with the added disadvantage of the very tiny brush there were streak marks on many of my nails, especially the large nails like my thumbs and middle fingers.  But overall my nails still looked nice!  As for chipping "Broken Arrow" lasted about two days before beginning to chip off the tips of my nails.  However my nails looked okay until day three when the chips started to get worse.

Overall Beautifully Disney's nail polish seems to be pretty good.  The formula is nice, though the miniature bottles small brush did make it a bit difficult to get on some of my nails.  I also like the unique color of "Broken Arrow."  I do wish I could have worn this polish longer but three days is an okay amount of time to wear a polish.  I think Disney World did a really nice job on their nail polish.

If you want to purchase some Disney nail polish you can buy it at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida.  But if you can't get to Florida you can go to Disney's website and purchase this mini set (and others) for $21.95 (USD) a set.  Or if you just want this color a full sized bottle can be purchased on the site for $9.95 (USD).  However be aware that most nail polishes are considered "hazardous" in the United States and tend to be shipped via the USPS's ground shipping and not on airplanes so their may be some restrictions on where Disney ships to.

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