Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sally Hansen "Vanity Flare"


Hi everyone!  So now that the end of March is here I feel like it is really Springtime!  (Even though it is still very cold here!)  And Springtime means bright colored nails!  So this week to celebrate brighter colored nails I picked out Sally Hansen's Triple Shine polish in "Vanity Flare."  The Triple Shine formula is a newer line by Sally Hansen that is meant to be extra shiny and to stand up better to wear and tear, according to the Sally Hansen website.

Sally Hansen's "Vanity Flare" is a bright purple creme nail polish and it is very shiny once it dries.  Formula wise it was interesting.  It wasn't that it was too watery or too thick but the polish seems to dry quickly so sometimes it was difficult to get it on my nail fast enough.  I found the brush to be very wide and by wide I mean I only had to use one pass on my pinky fingers to cover them.  But the coverage is amazing!  After one coat my nails were almost entirely opaque and I only added the second coat of polish to make the color pop more!  As for chipping "Vanity Flare" only lasted two days and then it start to flake off the ends of my nails, which was especially disappointing because Triple Shine is advertised as a long lasting polish.  However when I removed "Vanity Flare" it didn't stain my nails, which is always nice!

Overall Sally Hansen's "Vanity Flare" is an okay nail polish.  The formula and color are great but the extra wide brush and the fact that it chipped after only two days was definitely disappointing.  I am having a hard time deciding if I like or dislike this polish, but I am willing to wear "Vanity Flare" again because the color is nice.

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