Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sally Hansen "Cherry Red"


Hi guys!  Since today is the official start of Spring I thought I would wear a fun bright nail polish!  I am so excited for warmer weather and leaves on trees again!  I decided to pull out a very bright color to celebrate the return of Spring (and color back into the world!)  The color I picked out is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's "Cherry Red" which is a bright red, in case the name didn't give that away!

"Cherry Red" is a bright red nail polish that is very cheerful.  The formula is good and was easy to control.  After two coats of polish "Cherry Red" was completely opaque and had no streaks.  I have noticed with many red nail polishes that it often shows many flaws, but that was not the case with "Cherry Red" which didn't show many flaws at all!  As for chipping I was able to wear this nail polish for six days before any chipping started!  I was very impressed with how long "Cherry Red" lasted!  In terms of removing this bright red polish it was very easy and left no stains on my nails!

Overall I am very very pleased with Sally Hansen's "Cherry Red" because of its great formula and how long it lasted before chipping!  I definitely plan on wearing this polish over and over again!

Side note:  I used this polish last fall in my Disney Nail Art post so be sure to check it out:

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