Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OPI "Nomad's Dream"


Hi everyone!  So after a glitter last week I decided to try out a neutral polish this week!  I picked out OPI's "Nomad's Dream" which is an older OPI color.  I purchased it on Amazon and I have never seen this polish in any store.  (Also sorry for the slightly blurry picture but I wanted you to see how much shimmer "Nomad's Dream" has!)

"Nomad's Dream" is light brown beige polish with a lot of gold shimmer.  It is an interesting color and I actually really like it!  Formula wise "Nomad's Dream" is pretty good, though it is a tiny bit on the watery side, but it was still easy enough to apply.  After two coats of polish "Nomad's Dream" was completely opaque.  However there was some streaking caused by the amount of shimmer in the polish.  In terms of chipping it started almost instantly because the polish didn't seem to want to dry at all!  Over half my nails got smudged and "Nomad's Dream" just practically smudged off my nails, which was majorly disappointing!

Overall I am disappointed by OPI's "Nomad's Dream" because it chipped so quickly!  The color is nice, the formula is good, and it was completely opaque after two coats but since I couldn't wear this polish out of the house I don't particularly care for this polish.  I will probably give "Nomad's Dream" a second chance to see if its refusal to dry was just a fluke but I am not sure I will wear this polish much.

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