Thursday, June 7, 2012

butter LONDON "Rosie Lee"

A couple weeks ago on Mother's Day weekend butter LONDON did a sale on their website where you could purchase 3 polishes, which usually cost $14 a piece, for $30.  The deal was so good and since I had gotten some money for graduation I decided to order three polishes.  "Rosie Lee" is one the polishes I purchased in that sale.

First off I love a good glitter polish, especially when it is pink, and secondly I love the mix of dusty pink and silver glitter.  Unfortunately after two coats the polish was still very translucent and uneven.  On some nails I managed to get a thicker coat of polish and on those nails it was slightly less noticeable that it wasn't an even coat.  And as usual I used a Sally Hansen clear polish as a base coat and Orly's "Sec'N'Dry" as a quick drying topcoat.  Aside from the uneven polish "Rosie Lee" also chipped a lot for me.  And the chipping occurred on all nails and not just on the tips and the polish came off in huge chunks.

Overall I LOVE the color, but the fact that after less than a day the polish started falling off makes me upset since the polish is so pricey at $14 a bottle.  I will still wear the polish but I might use it is as a light layer over a solid color or as a single accent nail.  I am for sure disappointed about "Rosie Lee" but I have had better luck with other colors by butter LONDON and will continue to use their nail polish.

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