Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sephora by OPI "Bright as a Feather"

Hey everyone!  This week I decided to wear a fun summer color called "Bright as a Feather."  It is this great aquamarine blue with a bunch of silver micro glitter!  The micro glitter doesn't really change the color but it does make your nails extra shiny and makes you nails look like the ocean when the sun shines on it!  I love OPI's collection at Sephora, the colors are great, the bottle shape is easy to hold while painting, and it has the same high quality that all OPI products have!

So I wore "Bright as a Feather" for about a week and I had only minimal chipping on my nails, and most of the chipping was on the tips of my nails.  I was impressed with how long it lasted considering I am a nanny to an infant and I am constantly making bottles, and carrying the baby around.  However after about a week huge chunks of the polish started to come off when I would take hot showers.  However that isn't too big of a deal because I like to repaint my nails every week, but if you only paint your nails every other week then just be warned that this polish doesn't last that long!  And as usually I did my nails using a clear Sally Hansen polish and I used Orly's "Sec'N'Dry" as a top coat.

Overall I was impressed with the color and how well the polish lasted all week as I wore it!  I found "Bright as a Feather" to be a gorgeous color and polish and it is absolutely one of my favorite colors for this summer!

Thanks for reading my blog!

EDIT: The original picture for this blog was super blurry so I decided to re-do the picture.  The new picture is now at the top and the original picture is here at the bottom.  Hope this provides you with a better idea of how Sephora by OPI's "Bright as a Feather" looks in real life!  :) 

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