Wednesday, May 23, 2012

China Glaze "Harvest Moon"

Hey everyone!  This week I decided to wear another Hunger Games nail polish from China Glaze!  Originally I ordered only two of The Hunger Games nail polishes but after I graduated last week I got an Amazon gift card and decided to order one more polish.  I ordered "Harvest Moon" and it arrived on time and carefully wrapped to protect the glass bottle.  I have really been impressed by the quickness of the sellers I have used on Amazon for nail polish.  So far everything I have ordered has been perfect!

Anyway moving on to China Glaze's "Harvest Moon."  First off I LOVE this color!  It is a rust color with a lot of orange in it.  But to top it off it has a really fine micro glitter in the same rust color as the polish which makes the nail polish shimmer!  The nail polish color changes depending on the mount of light hitting your nails , which is gorgeous and makes your nails look they are covered in copper foil.  As always I used Sally Hansen "Invisible" as my base coat and Orly "Sec'N'Dry" as my top coat.  "Harvest Moon" covered in two coats and didn't leave any streak marks at all, which was nice.  Once "Harvest Moon" is dry it looks like one really even coat.  I did find the formula a little thick and it took a few attempts before I figured out the right amount of polish to put on the brush.  If you put too little on then it took several swipes over the nail to get a coat and if you put too much on the brush the polish ran off your nails.  But overall once you get the hang of how much nail polish to put on the brush it works really well.

"Harvest Moon" lasted about four days before I noticed any real chipping.  And it was a whole week before the chipping got really horrible.

Overall I am beginning to adore China Glaze polish and "Harvest Moon" is no exception!  Also forgive the picture.  I wanted to show how much "Harvest Moon" changes in different lighting.

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