Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dupe: ULTA "Bam-blue-zled" and China Glaze "Electric Beat"

At first glance both China Glaze "Electric Beat" and ULTA "Bam-blue-zled" look identical in the bottle.  Both are good quality polishes and neither are too expensive.  I wanted to know if these two colors were actually dupes, or duplicates, of each other or if they only appeared to be dupes in the bottle.  The answer is they are actually dupes!

Both polishes work very well but ULTA's "Bam-blue-zled" required three coats while China Glaze's "Electric Beat" only required two.  As you can see from the pictures the polishes look identical, which means that you don't need to own both.  I waffle on which one I would purchase because ULTA's "Bam-blue-zled" costs a little less but requires an extra coat, while China Glaze's "Electric Pop" only requires two coats.  I guess what it comes down to is: if you buy the China Glaze Electropop Mini set, which is where I got "Electric Beat," then do that instead of buying ULTA's "Bam-blue-zled," but if you don't want the mini set by China Glaze then buy the ULTA polish.  Also one other reason to buy China Glaze's mini set verses ULTA is the size of the bottle/ how much polish you are getting.  China Glaze's mini size has .325 fluid ounces while ULTA's full size bottle only has .33 fluid ounces, which is not a big size difference.  Also if you do choose China Glaze over ULTA and you do not want the Electropop mini set and opt to just buy a full size bottle of "Electric Beat" you'll be getting .5 fluid ounces in China Glaze's full size bottle. 

Just so we are clear: If I had to pick I would choose China Glaze's "Electric Beat" but both do the job and are pretty.

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