Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sinful Colors "Paris"

Hi everyone!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here!  The year really is flying by!  So this week I decided to try out a major glitter this week to celebrate the holiday season!  I picked out a golden glitter by Sinful Colors called "Paris."  I originally purchased this color because I love the city of Paris and the gold glitter in the polish reminds me of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night!

Sinful Colors "Paris" is a true glitter polish and it probably wasn't meant to really be worn on its own.  The picture above shows my nails after three coats of polish.  The formula of "Paris" was nice and easy to apply to my nails however it definitely isn't opaque.  (If you look carefully you can see the line on the tips of my nails.)  But while this nail polish wasn't completely opaque it is shiny enough that you might could get away without a nail polish underneath, or search for a similar color to blend in as a base coat color.  I tested "Paris" on top of a super pretty purple polish from New York Color called "Lexington Lilac" and it turned out to be gorgeous!  Check it out:

Sinful Colors "Paris" over New York Color "Lexington Lilac."

As for chipping I'm not actually sure because I didn't wear it long enough to find out.  "Paris" is a nail polish that I would wear to a party and not on a regular day.  As for removal it did take a little bit of work but overall it came off in less than 15 minutes which is pretty good for a glitter polish!

Overall I am very pleased with Sinful Color's "Paris" because the color is gorgeous and glitter nail polishes are always a fun way to perk up a holiday or party!  And it is great that "Paris" has a clear base polish so you can wear it nicely over colored nails!  I definitely plan on breaking out "Paris" over and over again because the color is so pretty and glitter polish is always fun!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you live in the United States!)  :)

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