Monday, November 11, 2013

Nails INC "Upper Brook Street"

Hi everyone!  It is late Autumn and Winter will soon be here so I am having fun trying out darker colors!  This week I decided to wear a deep blue nail polish by Nails INC called "Upper Brook Street."  I got this nail polish in a Nails INC set I ordered from QVC.  The complete set looks like:

"Upper Brook Street" is such a gorgeous purple blue color!  The formula is nice but it does have some streaking.  While "Upper Brook Street" is a darker color it definitely needs two coats of polish to be opaque!  Since I have a mini bottle it was a little hard to control the brush, but that is only because of the tiny size of the bottle.  As for chipping "Upper Brook Street" lasted about three days before the chipping started, and when the chipping did start it was bad!  There were chunks falling off almost continuously until I removed "Upper Brook Street."  Also I was very happy that this dark blue nail polish left no stains on my nails and was easy to remove!

Overall I am pretty pleased with Nails INC's "Upper Brook Street."  The color is gorgeous (and the picture doesn't even do it justice!), and the formula is good.  The tiny bottle size made it a bit difficult to apply but that isn't Nails INC's fault that I purchased a mini size so I can forgive that!  I wish that I had been able to wear "Upper Brook Street" just a little bit longer but three days is still fairly decent.  I definitely plan on wearing this nail polish again!

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