Thursday, November 7, 2013

Orly "Decoded"

Hi everyone!  So in my efforts to try out some darker Autumn/Winter colored polishes I decided to rummage through the Rubbermaid bins and see what I could find.  I looked through all the darker colors and found that I haven't tried out a grey nail polish in a while so I pulled out Orly's "Decoded" which is a medium to dark grey.

Orly's "Decoded" is a basic grey cream, which I thought would be a nice cold weather color since it matches the sky's clouds in North Carolina during Autumn/Winter.  Formula wise "Decoded" is extremely watery and it was relatively difficult and time consuming to apply to my finger nails.  After a few attempts I found that by removing as much excess polish as possible from the brush and using multiple quick brush strokes that I was able to successfully paint my nails.  After two coats of polish "Decoded" had no streaking which was nice after all the hard work and effort it took to get this polish on my nails!  After applying a quick drying topcoat I waited for my nails to finish drying and before I could even take pictures for this post my nails started to smudge.  "Decoded" refused to dry even though I used an Orly topcoat, which is supposed to work best with Orly nail polishes.  I was definitely unhappy because it took me forever to master how to apply Orly's "Decoded" because of its awful formula and then it looked gross after less than two hours!  By the end of the first day I removed "Decoded" because it looked horrific and was extremely smudged and still felt tacky and semi-wet to the touch!  Also when I removed Orly's "Decoded" from my nails it left awful stains on my nails, which just added to my list of dislikes about this polish.

Overall I am seriously disappointed by Orly's "Decoded."  The only nice thing about this nail polish is its nice grey color!  Otherwise the formula is overly watery, difficult to control, and refused to dry after many hours which caused a ton of smudging and chips.  Not to mention the horrid stains it left all over my nails.  I probably will not wear this nail polish again, unless I can find a way to get it to actually dry.

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