Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nails INC "Lower Regent Street"


Hi guys!  I hope everyone is staying warm!  Here in the South it feels like we are living in Antarctica!  This week I decided to wear Nails INC's "Lower Regent Street" which is a fun hot pink!  I've been wearing a lot of Wintery colors lately and I decided to brighten up my Winter this week!  (I am already looking forward to Spring!)  So "Lower Regent Street" is a full-sized bottle of Nails INC which I purchased in a set called: The London Collection.  Here's what the whole collection looks like:


Nails INC's "Lower Regent Street" is one of my new favorite nail polishes because it could be a one coat nail polish!  The formula is so fantastic on this nail polish that even though it was a hot pink I had amazing control!  I was able to put "Lower Regent Street" on and after one coat my nails were completely opaque and there was no streaking at all!  Now for the picture above I used two coats because that's what I always do.  As for chipping "Lower Regent Street" lasted about four days before the chipping started, and it was mostly tip chips.  In the end I wore "Lower Regent Street" for eight days before taking it off, and I only took it off because I wanted to wear a different polish!  I am very happy with how long this nail polish lasted!

Overall I love Nails INC's "Lower Regent Street"!  The color is super pretty and the formula is awesome and this polish can be worn as a one coater!  Also I was thrilled by how well "Lower Regent Street" held up and how minor the chips were after eight days!  I actually have no complaints about this nail polish!  I plan on wearing it over and over again!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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