Friday, January 31, 2014

Sinful Colors "Gorgeous"


Hi everyone!  I can't believe January is almost over!  Now that February is on its way I am already starting to think about Spring and Summer!  I am so over the cold weather and ready for some sunshine!  But since it is still Winter here I decided to bring Summer to me by trying out a super pretty blue nail polish that reminds me of the ocean!  The polish is Sinful Colors "Gorgeous."

"Gorgeous" is a super pretty blue color with a lot of yellow and green shimmer in it!  The formula was pretty good, but the shimmer made it difficult to get streak-free nails.  But "Gorgeous" was completely opaque after two coats and the streaks were only noticeable if you looked really closely. As for chipping Sinful Colors "Gorgeous" only lasted about two days before the tip chips started, however I was able to wear it for a third day before my nails started to look super bad.  As for removing this polish the shimmer did want to stick to my nails some but it did come off pretty easily and my nails had no stains from the blue polish.

Overall Sinful Colors "Gorgeous" is a nice nail polish!  The color is fantastic and the formula is nice and even though it had some streaking issues and chipped fairly quickly I wasn't too disappointed because I got the nail polish on sale for 99 cents (USD) which is an amazing deal!

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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