Tuesday, February 4, 2014

L'oreal "Brit Invasion"


Hi everyone and happy February!  I can't believe that January is over already!  So while it is a new month it is still isn't Spring yet.  Since it is still Winter I decided to rock a fun L'Oreal nail polish called "Brit Invasion" which is a super pretty purple-grey nail polish with copper colored micro glitter in it!

L'Oreal's "Brit Invasion" aside from being a really nice colored polish is perfect for Winter because it is cool like the weather but the micro glitter makes it sparkle and add a little fun to your cold Winter day!  Formula wish "Brit Invasion" is fair, and it isn't too watery or thick.  However the good formula did not help with the streaks.  "Brit Invasion" left tons of streaks all over my nails and was not very opaque even after two coats, which was a little disappointing.  As for chipping I started to notice tip chips on day two.  The nail polish just started flaking off and my nails looked awful by the end of day two, which I was not very happy about.

Overall I have mixed opinions on L'Oreal's "Brit Invasion."  The color is really pretty and the formula is fair, but the awful streaks and its inability to become opaque after two coats and the fact that it started chipping after two days is a big let down.  I do plan on trying this nail polish again and I have high hopes that with a little patience and practice I could get "Brit Invasion" to be more opaque and have less streaks.

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