Friday, February 21, 2014

Zoya "Yummy"


Hi guys!  After a huge blizzard last week the weather this week has been warm and sunny!  And while it isn't Spring or Summer yet I decided to pretend it was!  So this week I decided to wish for clear blue Summer skies by wearing Zoya's "Yummy."

Zoya's "Yummy" is a lovely bright sky blue and I purchased it for the lovely color. The formula for "Yummy" was awful!  I had a very hard time controlling "Yummy" and I am having a difficult time deciding why.  In some strokes the brush held far too much polish causing "Yummy" to run everywhere and on other strokes the brush held no polish and required multiple passes over the nail.  It was very odd and frustrating!  And after all that work the polish was not opaque at all and the weird formula left streaks all over the place!  As for chipping I don't know how long "Yummy" would have lasted because it looked so horrific on my nails that I removed it right after I took pictures.  I worried that the bright blue was going to stain my nails but thankfully it didn't.

Overall I am seriously disappointed by Zoya's "Yummy"!  The formula was terrible and drove me crazy while trying to get the polish to look even halfway decent.  I will most likely never wear this nail polish again because I cannot get it to go on my nails and look nice.

Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

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